fbpx “DE ROUNG” Double Eyelid Surgical Sutures

“DE ROUNG” Double Eyelid Surgical Sutures

The Ultimate Innovation

(available exclusively at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic)

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                   "DE ROUNG" is a brand name for double eyelid surgical sutures manufactured by Germany's leading surgical suture company. It's available exclusively at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. There are many outstanding characteristics of this suture. It is relatively tiny, making it ideal for small-space operations such as the skin around the eyes. In addition, it is made from synthetic materials that are safe for the body. Moreover, it is very soft and non-irritating to the eyelid skin. What’s more, it's strong and durable (holds securely when knotted), making the surgeons' work easier and faster when suturing. Additionally, it enhances wound closure and healing, bringing about a smooth wound. This special suture has a slippery texture, reducing bacterial adhesion, inflammation, and antibiotic consumption after surgery. The sutures are transparent white (no color). It aids in the concealment of sutures so as not to be noticeable. You don't have to worry about the surgical knots getting stuck in your eyelids. Since the suture is self-absorbable, it can dissolve completely even if the suture is not removed.


ข้อดีของการใช้ ไหมเย็บตาสองชั้น De Roung

The advantages of “DE ROUNG”

1. Non-irritating effects on the skin

The material used to make “DE ROUNG” (double eyelid surgical sutures) does not cause allergic reactions and can reduce the risk of wound infection compared to other ordinary sutures.

2. Strong & durable features (holds securely when knotted)

The material is stronger and more durable than other absorbable sutures. It helps the process of wound healing.

3. Transparent white (invisible) color

The sutures are transparent (no color). It aids in the hiding of sutures so that they are not visible. Nobody knows you did the surgery.

4. Self-absorbable features

When a suture is in the body, it can be degraded by contact with the fluid inside the tissue. When the surgical wound is healed perfectly. This absorbable suture will be self-dissolved, and nothing will be left over the body.

5. Preventing wound dehiscence and creating perfect surgical scars

The suture is durable and is utilized with Dr. Roungkaw’s techniques in suturing, which are highly precise and scrupulous. After surgery, there is no risk of wound dehiscence resulting in faster wound healing and perfect surgical scars.


ไหมเย็บตาสองชั้น De Roung ใช้เวลากี่วันถึงตัดไหม

How long does it take to remove “DE ROUNG” (Double Eyelid Surgical Sutures)?

                 Actually, this suture helps in the process of wound healing. It is just 9 days after surgery, the suture can be removed at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, revealing more perfect surgical scars

Who is suitable for “DE ROUNG”?

  • A person who lives upcountry or aboard

Only one day is required for the operation plan. (There is no need to take a long vacation to wait for suture removal or to return to the clinic)

  • A person who undergoes double eyelid surgery by Dr. Roungkaw’s Techniques


Results: Using "DE ROUNG" in Double Eyelid Surgery in conjunction with Dr. Roungkaw’s Techniques


Immediately following surgery, the sutures appear transparent white (no color), assisting in the concealment of sutures so as not to be noticeable.



The case of a sub-brow lift was performed by Dr. Roungkaw’s techniques. Immediately following surgery, the surgical wound is hidden perfectly at the bottom of the brows. Surgical sutures are not obviously seen on the surgical wound. After 12 days, the surgical scars gradually fade away. After one month, the wound is healing perfectly, creating a smooth surgical wound hidden along the bottom of the brows.