fbpx Does Surgery ruin your life? Now you have a second chance!!!

Does Surgery ruin your life? Now you have a second chance!!!

Does Surgery ruin your life? Now you have a second chance!!!


          Nowadays, double eyelid making sweet or sexy looks is very popular and easy to do. As the hot trend, many beauty institutes are highly competitive with easy techniques including special price which are no need to recover and no swelling. This can make you beautiful in blink of an eye. So it's not that hard decision to do double eyelid surgery. However, if the surgery goes wrong, it might ruin your whole life. 

"Double eyelid surgery can be done at anywhere, any techniques, and surgeons. It's all the same" if you're thinking like this, please change your mind immediately. The failure from double eyelid surgery not only ruins your beauty but also is difficult for revising. 

Lovely Eye Clinic by dr. Roungkaw, the one of the most famous clinics for an eye surgery, has given information for patients who need to be revised. These cases are failed because of lacking knowledge of different eye techniques especially pros and cons. Some of them think an eye surgery is not that serious so it's easy to make a decision from cheap price and promotion. Actually, the eye surgeon does matter because an eye surgery is needed specialized and analyze in person. The suitable technique including an eye surgeon ' s experience are important to get the best result. 

The problems from double eyelid surgery usually occurs from the suture method both one and three spots and mini incision. These methods don't provide permanent result and have many problems as following. 

Double eyelid surgery by the suture method both 1 and 3 spots or mini incision to cling eye creases without removing the excess skin can be done for those who don't have much excess skin. For those who have much excess skin are not suitable for this technique because the result is unnatural when closing eyes. Sometimes the suture is untied making several and uneven eye folds. To revise has to remove the suture and the dress skin. also fulfill the deep area and create new natural eye creases.

Double eyelid surgery with the suture method is used non-absorbable suture to cling eye folds. In some cases, it might cause ptosis. If the eye surgeons are not specialized, eye creases may be different. Some have single eyelids because of untied suture. Therefore, an eye operation is highly needed specialized because this area is very sensitive. If the operation goes right, the lesion is recovered well and smooth. The eye folds are natural. 

After epicanthoplasty booming, there are many cases who are disappointed with the result from other places and need revise. Since epicanthoplasty can be done only who have epicanthal folds and operated by the specialized eye surgeon. This case has epicanthal folds and has done epicanthoplasty. The eyes are enlarged and sweeter and eye creases will end at the inner corners. The lesion is smooth. Also, the nose is more remarkable. This is the good advantages of epicanthoplasty from the specialized eye surgeon. 

The failure of an eye surgery affect both physical and mental. To revise eyes must be carefully operated including the specialized eye surgeon who must be highly concerned about the result. If the revised eyes are beautiful, patients can be shine and confident again. 

What if you have a chance to correct the mistakes?

Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by dr. Roungkaw is the clinic specialized in eye surgery. Eye revision is operated by the specialized ophthalmologists and the results are impressed by many patients.

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