fbpx Double eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic. How is worth it?

Double eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic. How is worth it?

Exclusive interview with Double Eyelid surgery by Dr.Roungkaw. How is it worth.

Young people who want to do double eyelids or fix around the eye area, but not finding the information thoroughly or making the wrong decision. Choosing a technique that is not suitable for you according to without the study of surgical work sufficiently or surgery with a doctor who does not have expertise may cause many problems. Because aside from being not as beautiful as you want or still have to waste time and use the money to fix the eyes to come back. Consequently, before making a double eyelid, you should study thoroughly. For those who want to know about double eyelid, we come to consult with the best ophthalmologist at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic about double eyelid surgery by Dr.Roungkaw.

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Resolve eye problems comprehensively, yes or no?

Dr.Roungkaw : Each person's eyes will be different and have eye problems that are not the same. Double eyelid surgery suitable for different techniques in each case. For example, in some cases where both eyes are not equal, the causes may not be caused by uneven eyes. But I will analyze in detail to find the real cause, such as uneven eyes caused by eye muscle weakness. In the double eyelid, it only may help the eyes to be equal but in finally have to revise the eyes again. Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has a double eyelid technique to pull the levator muscles of the eye and other eye problem-solving techniques that can solve problems directly and give the best results without having to fix the eyes again. Moreover, cases that were made from other places that are difficult to fix, wherever they not accepted to solve it for you. But I can be improved better for you.

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Tells about the experience of making double eyelids in tens of thousands of pairs.

Dr.Roungkaw :  I do the double eyelid in patients is the main occupation for 7 years and work 6 days a week. I start from an ophthalmologist, most of whom are accustomed to laparoscopic surgery, such as cataract surgery and various cataracts. In that period is considered the pioneer era of Korean surgery that came to have an influence in Thailand at that time. I was the first model to go to study in Korea regarding eye surgery and had the chance to perform surgery on the patient and have the opportunity to get in touch with this industry closely. It made me knew the trend and experienced for quite a long time. After that, I accumulate experience form surgical continuously in double eyelid surgery of tens to thousands of pairs. It gave me the knew the needs of the person who wants to do double eyelids about the style of eyes they want. When I see the patient's face, I can immediately see the image of what they would look like, it comes up in my head of how this person has to design their eyes suitable for them.

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Double eyelid surgery requires artistic skills or not?

Dr.Roungkaw : I give importance to the art of eye design that pleasing and satisfying to the patient because the double eyelid surgery is about beauty. If we don't understand art, we probably can't make your eyes beautifully. Art is a personal view that others cannot imitate. Moreover, I use all eye surgery experiences, combined with a passion for art in examining the beauty that corresponds to each patient's face. Furthermore, I have an eye design that matches their face shape and nature.

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Yes or no, with the phrase"Double eyelid with Dr. Roungkaw will feel comfortable and no mistake "

Dr.Roungkaw : Can make double eyelids with Dr. Roungkaw can feel comfortable with a long surgical experience. It made me confident that in the double eyelid surgery, there should be no mistake as well as requires high concentration, the mind and the steady hand are very important. The patient that afraid of distort eyes often not happens because we use the New Lovely Microlaser that can improve accuracy and more accurate. Similarly, I am an ophthalmologist who will know various problems related to the eye, such as irritating to the eye caused by eye surgery or have other problems. I will be able to heal.

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Why do you need to have multiple eye type techniques? Can all cases be used in the same method?

Dr.Roungkaw : It is impossible because each patient has different eye problems. This is the reason that I must analyze in detail because having to check the problem and how to fix them in each case. Not all cases can use the same method. It easily observed from the price. I will not set the same price in every case, but I will analyze the patient's eye problems thoroughly and suggest techniques to solve the problem for them, including suitable double eyelid techniques, designing suitable eye shape, and most appropriate for each case.


How to handle it with the expectations of the patients that are too much?

 Dr.Roungkaw : I try to explain the surgical limitations thoroughly to the patient before undergoing surgery. The detail is about every problem from the patient, including limitations that patients will not get from the surgery at that time. So, the patients will understand and not expect too much.

Why do you have to receive a limited number of patients per day?

Dr.Roungkaw : Because I want to give time each case fully. Exquisite surgery, not hustle. What's more, I see that double eyelid surgery is like creating a work of art, therefore, I want to do meticulously every step and takes time to look deeply into every detail, to prevent errors. For this reason, I have to limit the number of patients each day in order to fully spend time in every case.

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Besides, many patients admire Dr.Roungkaw. They also praised the staff?

Dr.Roungkaw : The patient who comes to make double eyelids already has anxiety as the foundation. For this reason, I instructed the staff to monitor symptoms of the patient thoroughly to reduce anxiety, and when to have any problems, it can be resolved immediately. All of the customers who come to make double eyelid was very encouraged with our staff to take care closely.

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If wanting to do Korean double eyelid style?

Dr.Roungkaw : You don't have to fly far to Korea because our clinic has all the techniques that Korea has. Whether, medial or lateral epicanthoplasty, making big eyes or pulling the eye muscles. I have studied the double eyelid technique and medial epicanthoplasty from Korea directly. Therefore, I have an expert understanding of every detail of Korean double eyelid surgery.

I heard that Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has innovations that help heal wounds after surgery faster?

Dr.Roungkaw : As we know that most of the eye problems in Thai people are having eyelids a lot, which is 90 percent that has to undergo eyelid surgery, therefore it must have a scar. Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has innovations that allow the wound to heal quickly, such as the V-Beam Lovely Eye that helps to reduce the wounds after double eyelid surgery. Another one is Smooth Plus, which helps double eyelid surgery not waste too much time for the wound heal completely, etc.

The eyes are beautiful, but around the eyes still look wrinkled. Can you help to solve it?

Dr.Roungkaw : A way to make our eyes beautiful, not just having double eyelid surgery. Some patients aren't just having eyelid problems only, but there may be sagging or wrinkles around the eyes that make the face look tired and look old. For this reason, I must prepare other solutions to use for the treatment together to create beauty in harmony with all parts. Whether it is a adjust eyelid injection, filler or Thermage Eye Reborn and other innovations for the skin around the

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 Yes or No. Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic have many double eyelids review pictures in Thailand

Dr.Roungkaw : All this time, I work 6 days a week for over 7 years, causing Lovely Eye & Skin is the clinic has tens of thousands of beautiful double-eye surgery reviews that show on the website lovelyeyeclinic.com and Lovely Eye and Skin fan page, and IG: lovelyeyeandskin_by_drroungkaw so much, which has become one of Thailand's most popular eye surgery clinics.

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