Dr.Roungkaw is behind the beautiful pair of eyes at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic.


Dr.Roungkaw is behind the beautiful pair of eyes at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic.

Dr. Roungkaw is the person behind-the-eye beauty of over ten thousand beautiful eyes pair at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic. She will talk about stories and experiences cosmetic surgery around the eyes and medial epicanthoplasty technique. Today, we are going to talk and get to know Dr.Roungkaw.

Talk with Dr.Roungkaw

Many people who have talked or just know me are often skeptical by asking 3 popular questions. How old are you? You are an ophthalmologist, why became an eye surgeon? and your eyes do plastic surgery, isn't it? Where and Why looks so natural and beautiful? What type of eye you did? I want to do eye surgery the same as you.

In which, before the doctor graduated and use scholarships to complete specializations will be at least 30 years old, but most of them still look young because they've been studying for a long time. I graduated by the faculty of medicine at Chiang Mai University. Normally, the doctor takes six years to study, then working as an intern and resident to become an ophthalmologist at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for about 5 years. After that, I went to work in a private hospital as an ophthalmologist. Besides, the main work of the eye doctor is not only a measure of eyesight but treatment a lot of eye diseases such as cataract treated by ultrasound (Phacoemulsification) and pterygium, which is a thorough work and needs to look with a surgical camera. For this reason, I choose to study the eye doctor because it is a job that requires delicate details, and the result of treatment that changes amblyopia people come back to see the vision again, which is a pleasure. As well as, I have treatment eye ptosis from the eye muscle lift the eyelid, abnormal work since inborn or aged, a sagging eyelid that interferes with vision, entropion, eyelash pricking the eyes, which is usually done in people with the real problem. As for the story, making it look more beautiful and younger is considered as a giveaway that followed.

ทำตาสองชั้น เปิดหัวตา

While studying, I was especially interested in eyelid surgery because I received a double eyelid technique that passes on knowledge from a doctor who is a medical professor and a relative of mine. He has made double eyelids for me since 2001. Before I attended university, I was passed the eye surgery from single eyelid as a double eyelid, which is a direct experience of myself. Therefore, I know about feeling very well. At the same time, I wasn't afraid of eye surgery and blood at all because I saw double eyelid surgery and also like to be a doctor since I was young. So, I was interested to sit and observe the doctor pulling and cutting like doing crafts. At that time, I didn't even know what my eye would look like.

Previously, there was no review of Pantip.com or dungdong.com like today. My mother told me to do it and I will become more beautiful, that is a reason for me to do eye surgery. As a child, I felt not beautiful at all and I tried to use the toothpick touch into a double layer and look in the mirror. In my opinion, it will be more beautiful if I have double eyelids. All of my family members have a single eyelid because we are Chinese family. This doctor made double eyelids to everyone in my family. From past to present, every person says my eye is very beautiful, this is the one reason that makes me surprised and confused about what is a technique that he did for me because as much as studied, it did not tell everything, and did not come out like my own eyes. He started making double eyelids to the patients at Ramathibodi Hospital in 1970 after he was a doctor’s assistant who treated 2 patients. After that, He studied abroad in Japan about double eyelids surgery (At that time, Japan was louder than Korea) and developed skills and made double eyelids that look natural and very beautiful for 43 years until retiring. Furthermore, he made double eyelid tens of thousands of people together with work as the provincial public health doctor, and he never passed knowledge to anyone and never had any advertisement but relied on word-of-mouth and his work. He saw me, in order, of relatives was considered a younger sister and would like a successor to continue because the techniques developed didn’t teach anyone, relied on experience and skill before had the special technique and natural. He always emphasized that “Must do the eye with love, it will come out well for all case”

ทำตาสองชั้น เปิดหัวตา

Aside from relying on the principles that have been passed on knowledge. When the current trend of Korean surgery is hot, I couldn't help traveling to study with Korean doctors and prefer them taught me to treat real patients one per one. I want to know what they did and came out pretty, How had they done?, Must admit that they made a lot of cases, and tried to develop various techniques to be able to do it fast, beautiful and disappear quickly. Once I know it, it's applied to my surgery. Today, I am determined to make their eyes look more beautiful and attentive for everyone and want people to do eye surgery happy. However, expecting too much is stressful. I saw the people who came to consult about eye correction made from other places, I would like to help them improve, but there are many things of eye surgery as may have to be slightly reserve. Our eyelid tissues, not a paper, we have both blood vessels, nerves, lymphatic tract. There are many related factors, aside from the surgical skills of doctors, which is the main factor whether making it beautiful or not. Likewise, taking care of yourself after surgery and pre-operative factors such as fascia tissue from previous surgery, weakening of the eyelid muscles after surgery, the original eye shape, uneven eyes, eyebrows fall, raised eyebrows, including expectations that are beyond reality. All of these can affect the outcome of double eyelid surgery or adjust eyelid to be more beautiful. Repeat surgery is a must to accept for all cosmetic surgeries, and another thing that is beyond control is the horoscope. We are born unequally, and every surgical treatment has still got better, be the same or not recovered, is that true?

Finally, for those who come to get a new double eyelid from anywhere or make by me, you should not be worried about the surgical results or eyelid size or compare the size of both eyes until everything falls into place. It uses at least 3-6 months and disappears quickly or slowly depending upon the individual. The anxiety will ruin your health. Similarly, you must understand that the anatomical structure of the eye socket and the shape of each eye are different, and the original problem is not the same. Therefore, you do not compare why your eyes are not like that person, unlike this person. Please understand and be happy with what you have and receive as much as possible.


“I am attentive to everyone because I want everyone who comes to do the eye surgery to be happy.”     

                                              Dr.Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant



The result may vary depending on each person.

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The result may vary depending on each person. ผลลัพธ์การผ่าตัด แตกต่างกันไปในแต่ละบุคคล