Prepare before seeing an eye surgery doctor.

In fact of double eyelid surgery is just a small surgery that does not have to rely on general anesthesia. Therefore there is no need to fast but for the most satisfying results, service recipients should study guidelines and prepare before visiting an eye surgery doctor in advance.


Know all before making double eyelids. What should be done and should not be done? 



Prepare to make double eyelid tactically

1. For the wound to heal quickly. Eating foods that help to stimulate the skin to repair itself effectively, therefore has a very important part. Which food should be eaten regularly before making double eyelids such as fish meat, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc, etc.

2. For relieve pain after surgery, should be eaten vegetable and fruit regularly because they are a part that can help to reduce inflammation as well

3. Do not smoking because it can increase the risk of infection and decrease vitamin that accumulates in your body, which is necessary for collagen creation in the skin. May be effect to surgical wound be heal slower. So, if you have planned to make double eyelids, you should not smoke before surgical 2 weeks or if it possible should quit smoking will be the most beneficial for the body.

4. Relieving stress before the surgery day and also reduce anxiety about surgery by having the body prepared as recommended by a doctor or staff. You may exercise or look for fun activities with it can reduce stress as well.

5. Get a good night’s sleep because it helps to relieve stress and helps the body to repair the worn parts as well.

Taking care of yourself not only after the double eyelid surgery, but you should pay attention to yourself both in terms of guidelines and the prohibition strictly before the double eyelid surgery or eating nourishment since before surgery. So that the body is fully prepared to undergo surgery and to have beautiful results most like.

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