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Say Goodbye eyes ptosis and adjust outer canthus of the eye be beautifully by Lovely Eye

The beautiful shape of the eyes helps the face to stand out. Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic places great importance on the beauty around the eyes and skin. Ready to fix every eye problem with the specific techniques of the clinic. Whether it is a double eyelid, open epicanthal fold, levator muscle lifting or sub-brow lifting. To solve the eye ptosis with attention to every detail, adjust the angle of outer canthus of the eye suitable to each people, reinforced physiognomy, resolution direct point and pleasing to the client. For people, who suspicious about what parts of your outer canthus of the eye need to adjust, and how can you fix them? Try to see first.


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Characteristic signs of eye ptosis

1. Eyelid at the outer canthus of the eye is sagging and dropping more than eyelid at the inner  
  canthus of the eye.

2. Have more fat at the outer canthus of the eye, It makes the eye tail look more ptosis than usual.

3. Outer canthus of the eye stays lower than the inner canthus of the eye. That way your eye

characteristic look upside down.

4. The eye looks sadness, not livelier and looks aging.

5. Eye tail drops. The eye layer may look smaller than usual to look invisible or become eyelid dodge.

6. If you have more eye tail drop, It will obstruct the side vision.


Caused by eye tails drop

1. Bone structures at eyebrow tip have more fat, until pushing the texture around the outer canthus of the eye to look more convex. Causing the problem of eye tails drop.

2. Superciliary arches bone is curved down. Resulting in the curved eye shape followed by.

3. There is too much eyelid causing the eyelid to fall. It results in the outer canthus of the eye to fall as well.

4. The eyebrow tip stays in the lower level. Causing the outer canthus of the eye stays at the lower level than should be.

5. Increasing age. Sagging facial skin makes the eyelid fall. The outer corner of the eye, therefore, looks oblique. Not as beautiful as at a young age


Characteristic of Outer canthus of the eye that is proportional to the eye.

1. Level of outer canthus of the eye not lower than inner canthus of the eye

- Because of the level of outer canthus of the eye that lower than inner canthus of the eye can make your eyes look sadness and not livelier.

2. The outer canthus of the eye slightly lift.

         - It makes your eye sharp and looks more charming.

3. Distance between inner canthus of the eye to a pupil must be equal the distance between pupil to the outer canthus of the eye.

         - For the pupil be exactly in the center of the eye. Making the eye balanced and



Innovation to resolve eye tail drop by Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic​


Method 1: Double eyelid surgery and decorate the excessive eyelid be naturally

                       (Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature)

- Is a technique for making double eyelid and decorating the excess eyelid with a microlaser. Which has cut the eyelids that fall on the outer canthus of the eye by design to make the eyes look lifted naturally and with beautiful proportions. Solving the problem of eye tail drop by this technique can create an eye crease and livelier eyes.


Method 2: Lifting outer canthus of the eye technique and hide a  wound at sub-brow

                    (Sub-brow lift)

         - For those who have a lot of eye tail drop problems or having a curved down of superciliary arches. It able to use outer canthus of the eye lift techniques and hides the incision around the edge of the eyebrow below. It helps to correct sagging eyes causing the outer canthus of the eye to be lifted to a beautiful angle and suitable for the face shape which invisible the surgical wound. Because the wound is hidden smooth with the lower edge of the eyebrows. Is a method that can be combined with double eyelid and help to have a clear eyelid, reduce the risk of resolve the eye problem again. Suitable for those with curved sockets skeletons and high of the eye socket or those who have a lot of skin on the outer canthus of the eye.


Method 3: Injection for reducing wrinkles around eyes and lifted up the eye tail

-  Injection for reduces wrinkles, lifting around the eyes and lift eye tail with anti-wrinkle agents, which temporarily relaxes the muscles. It helps to prevent wrinkles in various areas as well such as the forehead, crow's feet, wrinkles between the eyebrows. It can be injected into the forehead and eyebrows to naturally lift the outer canthus of the eye to the desired level by specific injection techniques to lift the outer canthus of the eye naturally.


Method 4: Use Ulthera Authentic to lift up an eyebrow and eye tail. Effective without wounds

            - Ultrasound technology that uses high-frequency waves. Able to focus and release specific energy precisely and go deep down to the collagen layer and the SMAS muscle layer that the surgeon uses for facelift surgery. It helps in resolving sagging eyelid problems, raising eyebrows, and elevating the lower eyelids, keeping the eyes elevated to the desired level realistically. As well as helping the skin around the eyes to be smooth and firm Youthfulness, like a revitalization for tired eyes Look sad, not bright, make the eyes look round again lively.