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Outer corner eye extension

Open the corner of the eye, adjust the corner of the eye.


Outer corner eye extension

Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty is surgery performed on the lateral corner of the eye to create a larger lateral eye area. Our clinic will utilize a laser to trim and beautify the corner of the eye to make it longer for specific procedures of eyelid surgery. Sutures will also be used to prevent the eye's outer corner from closing again. There is no need to recover from this type of operation. Because the operation is performed in the corner of the eye, the surgical scars are very small and barely noticeable. The result of this surgery is to lengthen the width of the eyes, make them more well-defined, and make them look slenderer (they will appear more almond-eyed).

Laser cut to decorate the corners of the eyes.

The result may vary depending on each person.



Surgery to move the outer corners downwards

It is an operation to lower the outer corners of the eye to help make the sclera (white of the eye) area more visible. This surgical procedure is suitable for those whose outer corners of the eye are in an excessively upward position or those with less sclera area. This may be done alone or in conjunction with the extension of the outer corner of the eye to help maximise the area of the sclera around the outer corner.

Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty by Dr. Roungkaw

After developing her own technique of canthoplasty, Dr. Roungkaw, who is an ophthalmologist in Thailand, has been recognised as a pioneer of double eyelid surgery. This technique has gained widespread popularity. Currently, this unique approach has also been created to extend the length of outer corners to an unprecedented degree. This procedure is appropriate for those who desire both slim and large eyes.

How special is this technique?

Since ten years ago, Dr. Roungkaw has been a pioneer in Thailand for Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty and Expert Epicanthoplasty techniques. People are currently attracted to these two special techniques for correcting and enhancing the appearance of the eyes. They became a popular technique in Thailand. During the height of her popularity, Dr. Roungkaw discovered that many of her patients travelled to Korea to have their lateral canthoplasty extended. In some instances, unanticipated problems have been caused. Consequently, a great number of them return to correct their eyes for various reasons, such as undesirable eye shape, fibrosis, conjunctivitis from excessive lateral canthoplasty, eye irritation, etc. This enables doctors to learn about patient problems and further develop their own techniques.

Until now, her special technique of Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty could be extended from only 2-3 millimetres to 5-6 millimetres with stitching to prevent the outer corner from regaining its closure, resulting in large, round eyes and proportionally slimmer eyes. In addition, they have a natural, realistic, and endearing appearance. Moreover, there are no adverse effects following surgery.

Every case of eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic uses the "New Lovely Microlaser," which is Lovely Eye's exclusive eye surgery innovation that provides accurate access to very small surgical areas, such as the skin surrounding the eyes. It decreases blood loss during surgery and reduces swelling and bruising after surgery, making the surgical wound nearly unnoticeable. The surgical wound appears smooth and will be recovered rapidly.

Who is suitable for this technique?

  • Those whose horizontal dimension of the eyes is disproportionately short.
  • Those who want to enlarge the outer corner, which can maximise the horizontal dimension of the eyes. This technique can open up to 3-9 millimetres of the outer corner. When the outer corner is fully enlarged, the eyes will look brighter.
  • Those who have the outer corner raised up.
  • Those who want to adjust the degree of the outer corner in the right position, resulting in a more beautiful and proportionate result.
  • Those who want to make almond eyes, which resemble the characteristics of the almond

The beneficial results of this technique

  • Make the eyes larger.

The outer corner extension increases the horizontal dimension to be a wider and bigger size. Overall, the patients who do Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty bring about a variety of great outcomes. For example, they have more well-defined and distinct eyes with proportionally wider eyes like almond eyes. In addition, it can also enhance the facial appearance to make it more naturally balanced.

  • Make your eyes look fiercer.

Many people want their own eyes to have a well-defined and slender shape. This will add a touch of beauty to the face in a fierce look. An outer corner extension is an option for people who want to change their look to make their eyes look fierce and outstanding.

  • Maintain eye shape balance

Each person's eyelids are different, so doing double eyelid surgery can't solve all problems. Everyone's eye issues are unique. Extensional Lateral Canthoplasty can lengthen the horizontal eye shape to be slenderer and bring the eye into balance.

  • Makeup is simpler.

When the eye shape is larger and fiercer in a fascinating way, it can save time and make cosmetic application simpler, as there is no need to conceal defects.

  • Enhance your confidence.

The favourably slender eye shape makes the overall image look good as well as enhances the physiognomy and personality. Therefore, it undoubtedly increases the confidence of the owner of the eyes.


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Case, open the eyes, long eyes, slender, beautiful as you want.




The result may vary depending on each person.


Double eyelid surgery Lovely eye technique by Dr.Roungkaw

The result may vary depending on each person.