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Fat Melting on the specific area

Fat Melting on the specific area

Fat problems are concerned issue among both women and men. It's considered as the most serious problems that affect living and confidence. Some people have the excess fat at the specific areas such as legs, arms and belly which are difficult to be removed.  

Meso Melt Fat at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic 

Meso melt fat is an effective body contouring treatment which is popular nowadays that can be performed by Lovely Beauty Expert Team using injectable substances to target cellulite and localised fat deposits, fat reduction and weight loss can be accomplished without the need for extensive surgery. The injections consist of a natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes which help to dissolve small, stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. The amount of injection is about 0.5-1 cc for every 1-2 m2. The area that is normally injected Mesofat is cheek for V shape along with Botox, under chin, arms,hip, belly and leg area. This method is safe due to using natural extract. 

- Meso melt fat in different area(mostly with Botox treatment)

- Cheek cellulite for V shape( with Botox treatment)

- Under chin

- Legs and arms 

- Belly area

- Gynecomastia

- Nose cellulite 

- Eyelids

- Thighs (with Botox)

- Wrinkles at breasts, underarm, and belly

Saggy skin on underarm, breasts, and belly decreases your confidence which makes you don't dare to dress fashionably. Some people who can lose their weight but still have cellulite and some wrinkles around underarm and belly. These problems are mostly found after pregnancy. This can be healed by the operation but is needed to consult the specialized doctor. Normally,there are many factors causing sagging skin such as UV , aged, stress, dehydration, and striae. 

Factors which cause wrinkles on body

1. UV can destroy skin cells. Facing UV for a long time also destroys elastin and causes sagging skin. 

2. As getting older, skin is losing moist. 

3. Face expression or stress such as frowning. 

4. Drinking less water. 

5. Striae is found among fat and pregnant people. 

Melting Fat Program at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic 

1. Treatment for wrinkles from the technology by Lovely Beauty Expert such as RF or Ultrasound like Ulthera Authentic, Thermage Perfect Skin , Wonder Hifu which deliver power to tighten skin and stimulate the new collagen producing. The result is obviously seen at the first time.

2. Liposuction such as Meso Melt Fat for the specific area. This is considered as surgery but not that serious which uses suction with fiber laser to make skin smoother and more tightened. The advantages of this method are small wound, less pain and obviously result.