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The characteristics of Thai eyes

                   The majority of Thai eyes have double eyelids by nature, but the primary issue with Thai eyes is hooded eyes, which is a problem for people with double eyelids. To elaborate, when the eyes are opened normally, the eyelid creases cannot be seen. They must raise their eyebrows to reveal eyelids. The primary causes of hooded eyes are excess sagging skin or fatty skin that hangs over the crease of the upper eyelids. This makes the eyelid crease less visible and monolid-like. In some cases, the hooded eye is on one eye while the other has a normal double eyelid crease, resulting in an asymmetry of the two eyes. In addition, some people have partially hooded eyes around the outer corner of the eye, which causes the eyelids to not curve evenly and also results in unattractive, heavy eyelids. To address this issue, the clinic offers a specialized surgical procedure called "Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature," which involves the removal of excess skin and double eyelid surgery. The "New Lovely Microlaser" is used to create the surgical incision, which enables extremely precise micro-level operations and reduces swelling, bruising, and blood loss during surgery. In addition, it helps remove excess fat and skin that hang down over the eyelid crease, making the eyes appear brighter and the eyelid folds more visible.

In some cases, "asymmetrical eyes" and "uneven eyes" were also noticed. This may be caused by eye muscle weakness. It is another common eye problem among Thais. In some cases, only one side of the eye displays eye muscle weakness, limiting the ability of that eye to open as fully as the other. Therefore, the distinction between the two eyes is readily apparent. In some cases, droopy eyelids may cause the eyelids to appear sagging and are structured differently than they were previously. This results in unequal eyes. To resolve this issue, Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature should be performed in conjunction with Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator. These two procedures will effectively treat eye muscle weakness and eliminate droopy eyelids.

Furthermore, Mongolian folds or an excess skin fold of the upper eyelid that covers the inner corner (medial canthus) of the eye were discovered in the majority of Thai people's eyes. This results in the less visible sclera at the corner of the eye than usual, making the eyes appear small and turning inwards, and causing the eyes to appear too far apart. Expert Epicanthoplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at removing the 'Mongolian fold' that obstructs the medial corner of the eye, can be surgically performed to lengthen the horizontal eyelid and make your eyes appear brighter and larger by exposing the medial part of your eyes. Expert epicanthoplasty can be combined with blepharoplasty to produce prettier eyes and a more proportionally beautiful curve in the eyelid creases.


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