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Reduce eye wrinkles

Reduce Eye Wrinkles 

Eyes are the windows to souls because they can tell how you feel. If your eyes are full of wrinkles, these also ruin your beauty. When you get older, collagen is normally declined which is primary factor causing wrinkles. 

Eyes wrinkles are signs of aging caused by the collapse of collagen and elastin. Additionally, repetitive facial motions like smiling and expressing feelings can cause crow's feet. These problems are not occurred only when you get older, but also caused by personal behaviors such as eye rubbing, too much facial expression, allergies, and lifestyles. These factors can cause eye wrinkles. 

How to reduce eye wrinkles at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic 

1. How to take care of your eyes. First, we should avoid behaviors that can cause eye wrinkles such as not taking enough rest, using eyes too much in front of computer and cellphone, eye rubbing, glasses pressing, forgetting to apply eye sunscreen, not applying eye cream, and not eating beneficial food. To avoid from these problems, always do exercise, eat beneficial food, and stop smoking. In case of allergies, it should be healed first to prevent itchy.  

2. Apply eye cream. Eye wrinkles are mostly caused by lacking moisture. To apply eye cream can highly reduce eye wrinkles. Good eye cream should be rich of moisturizer and the ingredients that stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles, tighten eyes. During daytime, do apply eye sunscreen cream. 



3. Get rid of eye wrinkles by Botox. Botox is one of the best way to get rid of eye wrinkles. The result is obviously seen within 1-2 weeks. Botox should be used every 6-8 months and injected by only specialized doctors. If you get overdose, eyes will be unnatural. 




4. Eye treatment laser can stimulate collagen for example Vbeam laser. It can reduce eye wrinkles. This laser is practical for initial wrinkles. The result is obviously seen at the first time and it will be better for continuing treatment. 




5. Radio Frequency-RF is another way to reduce wrinkles and should be treated together with laser or Botox. It uses radiofrequency wave to tighten skin and stimulate collagen to reproduce. Eye wrinkles will be reduced. Nowadays, there are many popular eye lifting technology such as Ulthera, Thermage and HIFU.