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Post-surgical laser

Post-surgical Laser




Eye wrinkles, dropped eyelids and eyebrows are problems and sign of aging because of the declining of collagen and elastin. These problems affect your daily life and confidence. At Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, there's the special technique by dr. Roungkaw which can solve these problems such as Expert Epicanthoplasty (inner corners enlargement) and Lovely Blepharoplasty using Microlaser. This technique can reduce swelling and make the lesion smooth. Eye folds are also natural.

VBeam Laser, scar treatment 



V-Beam Laser is pulsed dye laser created to heal the blood vessels problems such as capillary on face and legs, keloid, stigma, red spot on neck and breast , crazed spot , sebderm, and wrinkles without destroying issues. This laser has long pulsed at 595 nm which is considered as the most suitable wave to destroy correct targets, for example, blemishes, dark eye circles and scar. These problems are disappeared and new Vascularlization is stimulated to produce collagen. 

V-Beam Laser is skin-friendly laser. There is cool system working together with laser beam by releasing precise energy and time. This provides the most successful result and also protects DCD (the outer skin layer). Moreover, the energy can be adjusted. This reason makes the laser convenient, fast and safe.