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Brow and Eye Tattoo Removal

Brow and Eye Tattoo Removal

Eyebrows are considered as one of the most important parts just like eyes. Beautiful eyebrows and eyes make perfect face. To draw eyebrows is another way to make it beautiful. So eyebrows and eyes tattoo are very popular. However, the failure from tattoo can be occurred such as getting to thick line. This problem can be removed by brow and eye tattoo removal. The laser is needed specialized in treatment because this area is more sensitive than other parts. 

Brow and eye removal at Lovely Eye and Skin

  • Sometimes brow tattoo is not needed to remove all. The suitable part should be left to be symmetrical with eyes and face
  • For eye tattoo removal is highly needed specialized in doing laser on eyelids. Also, be sure that eyes are safe protecting by eyeshield and don't have side effect.




Brow and eyeliner design


           We have different faces and eyebrows. Therefore, to design eyebrows must be suitable for face and eyes. So your face will be naturally beautiful and more attractive. 

           At Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, we have eyebrows design service to provide the most natural brows and symmetrical with the face without using eyebrows pencil. It's different from eyebrow and eye tattoo which design unnatural and too thick look. Also, here we use clean, disinfected, and high-standard instruments to ensure the custome