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Brow Lifting Technique

Brow Lifting Technique

Brow Lift Includes several methods depending on the individual cases.

Droopy eyelids sometimes may cause from drooping brows. In some cases, drooping brows are unsymmetrical which makes uneven eyes.

There are many methods to solve drooping brows both surgery and non-surgery 

For the non-surgery, read more—>http://www.lovelyeyeclinic.com/th/skin/ยกกระชับรอบดวงตาให้เต่งตึง

There are 2 methods for brow lift

1. Brow lift over the eyebrows to elevate them. The lesion is on the upper brow edge which sometimes can be the scar.

2. Brow lift from inside without the wound at eyebrows area which is normally operated with double eyelid surgery. For the lesion from double eyelid surgery, the surgeon is going to sew under the brow bone line and adjust eyebrows in the normal position. 

Brow lift without the wound together with double eyelid surgery is popular technique because it's small operation, no local anesthetic, and no lifting at the skull area. So, it's not such a terrible procedure. The lesion and operational level are same as double eyelid surgery but increase lifting brows from inside using special sutures and Endotine which make brow lift more effective. Also, non-absorbable sutures can be used.