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Remove blackheads and enhance skin

Get brighter skin without pain 

Many girls are worried about pimples and need brighter skin yet don't know how to treat. Also, they are afraid of pain and nodules including blemishes. Before acne treatment, better what causes acne and how to take care of your face. 

Acne is driven by fatty acids within oil glands. Sebum carries dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of the skin. Hormones can cause acne too. 

For acne treatment, you can take care of it by using cream for acne as the pharmacist 's recommendations. If it doesn't work, better consult dermatologists. 

Today, we have another choice for acne treatment called O2Jetpeel. Have you ever heard of O2Jetpeel??


O2Jetpeel is water delivering with 200 m/s speed to deliver oxygen to skin layer. This treatment is suitable for everyone even allergic people and no side effects. 


Why O2Jetpeel ?

O2Jetpeel is skin rejuvenation and the most effective and less side effects. If use acid to peel skin, it may cause blemishes and hard to predict the precise result even laser treatment which can leave blemishes. But O2Jetpeel is no side effects using pure water mixed with oxygen 99%. Some clinics may use other substances such as vitamins to make more effective. This treatment is more better than peeling, Ionto or phono without side effects because of using normal saline mixed oxygen.

1. Deep cleanses. 

2. Oxygenates helps circulatory system which makes brighter and reduce blemishes. 

3. Reduce infected acne and protect bacteria by oxygen. 

4. Moisturize skin. 

5. Some clinics may use other substances such as vitamins to make more effective. The result is obviously seen at the first time. 

6. No need to avoid sunshine because it's different from Peeling. 

After O2Jetpeel, skin is little bit reddish and will fade away after 30 minutes. It takes 40 minutes for the treatment and should maintain the result once a week about 8-10 times. 

Post treatment care to get away from acne:

1. Clean and choose cleanser suitable for your facial skin.  

2. Choose cosmetics especially oil free or no-acne genic. 

3. Avoid disturbing acne. 

4. Make sure your hands are clean before touching face. 

5. Avoid food which causes acne such as oily food. Better eat vegetables and fruits. 

6. Take a rest enough. 

7. Do exercise frequently. 

8. Try not to be stressed. 

9. Try to detox as routine.