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Smart facial V shape

Facial V shape
Face shape is one of the most concerned problems because it's considered as the important part to make you beautiful. The patients for an eye surgery at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic are all impressed with the result yet they still feel that eyes are not symmetrical to the face. Therefore, face design is needed to adapt with new pairs of eyes. 

V shape is considered as the most standard shape and appropriate for Thai people. Before deciding to adjust face, you should know which factors cause your face misshaped for example 

-Misshaped jaw and head structure which are needed operation by specialized doctors 

-Flabby skin due to getting older causing dropped facial skin and chin

-Masseter which is different sizes in some case caused by sewing just one side

-Excess fat on face, cheeks, and under chin area

How to adjust your face 

1. Jaw surgery 

2. Botulinum toxin (Botox)  to reduce the jaw size. This technique has been reliable for more than 20 years without any serious side effects. After Botox injection, jaw line is obviously naturally reduced within 2-4 weeks. Furthermore, there's Nefertiti lift technique on cheeks, under chin,and neck. This special technique provides V shape. 

3. Face lifting technology such as Microfocus ultrasound and Radiofrequency, for example, Ultherapy Authentic, Wonder Hifu and Thermage Perfect Face. These technologies not only stimulate producing collagen but also elevate skin on cheeks, under chin, and v line area. The patients ' face will be tightened and make even younger look. The result lasts for 1-2years. 

4. Meso Melting Fat to reduce excess fat and make natural v shape 

Lovely V-shape at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic 
At Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, there's face design including Botox (Allergan, USA) and (Neuronox, Korea) which can reduce jaw size , cheek bone and v line, Meso Fat for cheeks and under chin area, and face lifting technology such as Ulthera Authentic, Wonder HIFU, and Thermage Perfect Face without surgery. These treatments can be done both before and after the eye operation. At Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic also have other Radiofrequency (RF) like Ultradirm3deep which can be done together with face lifting and continue treatment to get the best result. For the treatment, the dermatologists at the clinic will evaluate the problems and plan the treatment with the ophthalmologist to provide the most effective treatment and less painful.