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What is the sunken eye (deep eye sockets)?

                    Deep eye sockets are caused by low fat or fat loss around the eye sockets as you age. This results in a hollow between the eyes and the brow ridge. The edges of the eye socket bones are readily visible, which is unappealing. As a result, your eyes appear to sink further into your facial structure. It appears old and run-down. When deep wrinkles close to the eyelids, it appears that there are three layers of eyelids. Deep eye socket syndrome affects people of all ages. In many cases, patients with deep eye sockets who have already done double eyelids without therapy for deep eye sockets make the eyelids appear overly deep and too high. It does not appear natural, which is why double eyelids must be corrected.

Characteristics of a sunken eye (deep eye socket)

  • There are deep hollows on the eyelids. which is above the eyelid crease,
  • The edge of the eye socket beneath the brows is visible, giving the face a stiff and fierce appearance rather than a sweet one.
  • The eye appears to sink further. It causes an overall tired or fatigued look, making them look older than their actual age.
  • Triple eyelids make the eyelids look deep. Eyelids look wrinkled and unattractive.
  • Drowsy eyes and ptosis are possible side effects.
  • When doing blepharoplasty, the eyelids seem thick and unnatural.

Causes of sunken eyes

  • A sunken eye (deep eye sockets) from genetics

This form of deep eye socket is a congenital condition produced by the bone structure of the eye socket, which appears to be an eye hollow and is passed down from generation to generation. This irregularity is easily noticeable among family members who have deep eye sockets, such as parents or grandparents. This biological inheritance gives offspring the possibility of having deep eye sockets at birth or as they mature. Their age may also plausibly contribute to the appearance of deeper eye sockets.

  • Age-related changes in the eye sockets

Age-related deep eye sockets are caused by eyelid fat atrophy and bone collapse, resulting in deep grooves on the skin, particularly in sensitive areas such as the skin around the eyes. Due to increasing age, eye sockets appear to sink further, causing a hollow on the eyelids. Furthermore, the bone structure of the eye socket can become apparently exposed, causing the eyes to look tired and may cause premature aging.

  • Rapid weight loss

Fat in the eye socket was diminished due to abrupt weight loss or disease that caused the body to lose fat quickly. As a result, the skin around the eye socket collapses, resulting in a deep eye socket.

  • Muscle weakness in the eyes

Having deep eye sockets together with the weakness of the eye muscles will lead to multiple eyelid creases, which make the eyes appear to sink further enough to visibly see the edge of the eye socket. This abnormality brings about facial tiredness and premature aging of the face. The remedy is blepharoplasty combined with eye muscle strengthening and fat grafting. These procedures can correct deep eye sockets and sleepy eyes.

  • Deep eye socket resulting from blepharoplasty

Some individuals have undergone blepharoplasty elsewhere, resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes such as high upper eyelid crease and a hollow upper eyelid. These impacts make the eyes unnatural-looking. Because only blepharoplasty is surgically performed to the patient who has the problem of deep eye socket. Without any remedy of deep eye socket, it causes unnatural outcomes such as high eyelid creases and hollow upper eyelids. The treatment consists of blepharoplasty and fat grafting. In some cases, eye muscle strengthening may be used to treat conditions such as lazy eyes, and deep eye sockets. It also makes the eyes more appealing.

Are deep eye sockets dangerous?

Even if the deep eye socket is not a life-threatening condition, it negatively impacts the eyes' appearance and health. It causes the further sinking of the eyes, facial tiredness, and premature aging of the face. Deep eye sockets make the entire face appear unattractive, resulting in poor physiognomy, difficulty applying makeup, and a lack of personality and confidence. Furthermore, it may have long-term effects on your mental health.

How to prevent a sunken eye (deep eye sockets)?

People with deep eye socket syndrome, whether caused by the bone structure of the eye socket or fat atrophy, can take proper care of the skin around their eyes and modify daily habits that negatively impact the eyes to prevent the occurrence of additional deep eye sockets. There are many ways to prevent a sunken eye as followings;    

  • Get adequate sleep

Inadequate rest or chronic sleep deprivation will cause the skin around the eyes to degrade faster, resulting in sagging eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes. These effects may possibly cause deeper eye sockets.

  • Apply the eye cream consistently

Applying skincare products around the eyes on a regular basis will help decrease wrinkles and dark circles, firm the skin around the eyes, reduce sagging by halting the skin surrounding the eyes from collapsing, and prevent the occurrence of deep eye sockets.

  • Avoid losing weight too quickly.

In addition to body aches, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, dehydration, and even unconsciousness, rapid weight loss causes the body to lose fat rapidly. Reduced fat in the eye socket will result in a deep eye socket. Therefore, proper exercise technique is essential. Do not overexert your body or force the body excessively.


Non-surgical treatments for deep eye sockets

  • Injection of dermal filler

Advantages: This technique improves the volume and fullness of skin by filling in facial wrinkles and skin folds. In addition, the doctor may design the treatment region quickly with a non-surgical method. Dermal filler injections shallowen the skin surrounding the eyelids and improve the deep eye socket.

Disadvantages: Using dermal fillers to fill in various parts of the skin does not provide long-term results. If the doctor who conducted the injection is inexperienced or uses ineffective injection techniques, lumpiness and wavy eyelid skin may occur.

  • Fat injection

Advantages: The fat will be centrifuged by using techniques to obtain high -quality fat and injected into the deep eye socket to shallow the eye socket. It contributes to long-lasting results and smooth eyelid skin.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to control the amount of fat injected. If excessive fat is injected, it may cause wavy skin. In order to fix the fat injection cases, it is difficult because it must be corrected with surgery only.

Surgical treatments for deep eye sockets

  • Double eyelid surgery without stitches is called  “Lovely No Stitch”

Moderately deep eye sockets make the eyes appear hollower and less bright than they should be. This moderately deep eye socket can perform blepharoplasty without stitches, a procedure known as "Lovely No Stitch." This surgery involves a 2 millimetre incision on the surgical area and uses the "New Lovely Microlaser." This high-precision, high-tech medical equipment helps to reduce blood loss, smooth surgical wounds, and prevent post-operative swelling. The doctor will then use special sutures to close the surgical wound and create an eyelid crease. This procedure is designed to treat moderately deep eye sockets. This treatment is appropriate for those with thin eyelids, little eyelid fat, or low to moderate eye socket depth. After surgical treatments, it helps the eyelids appear natural and well-defined. It perfectly handles the problem of low to moderate level of eye sockets depth.

  • Double eyelid surgery together with strengthening the levator muscle is called "Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator."

Sunken eyes, droopy eyes, multiple eyelid creases overlapping, or a deeper-than-usual eye socket might make you appear perpetually drowsy. Many cases are caused by weakness of the eye muscles, which can be treated by blepharoplasty combined with strengthening the levator muscle. This surgical technique will allow surgery deep into the muscle layer to boost the muscle strength used to lift the eyelids. This results in the improvement of the weakness of eye muscles, which makes the eyes more open. In addition, the eye muscles are fully exerted. Also, the crease of the eyelid is clear and well-defined, and the eye socket looks shallower, making the eyes look brighter.

  • Double eyelid surgery together with fat grafting called “Upper Blepharoplasty with Dermis-Fat Graft”

The problems of sunken eyes, triple eyelids, or double eyelids from elsewhere which create a hollow upper eyelid and a high eyelid crease can be treated by blepharoplasty combined with fat grafting around deep eye sockets to make it more natural. To correct an overly high eyelid crease, the surgeon will select a procedure that results in the smallest possible surgical wound, which is not very terrifying. The surgery involves the harvesting of abdominal fat through an incision around 2 cm in length. Then, after harvesting the fat and tissue, they will be injected into the deep eye socket. After this operation, blepharoplasty or any other eye revision will be surgically performed. In certain cases, the surgeon may surgically operate together with reinforcing the levator muscle. The size of the incision on the eyelids will be equivalent to that of a standard wound.

The benefits of using Dr. Roungkaw's "Dermis-Fat Graft" surgery to treat deep eye sockets

  • Solve the problem of deep eye sockets and high eyelid creases effectively.
  • The fat injected remains its shape and is long-lasting. It does not need to be re-filled. Because the rate of fat atrophy is very low, only 5-10%
  • The skin of the eyelids in the area where the fat is transferred is smooth. There are no complications.
  • Fat does not flow to other locations. There is no lumpiness, which appears natural.
  • It can be performed in conjunction with surgery to correct other eye problems, such as weakness of the eye muscle.

Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator / Dermis-Fat Graft / Expert Epicanthoplasty

In this case, the patient had a "Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator" along with a "Dermis-fat Graft" and an "Expert Epicanthoplasty." 
Her preoperative issues are sunken eyes, high creases, ptosis, and epicanthal folds covering the inner corners of her eyes.
 After surgery, she has well-defined eyelid creases like almond-shaped eyes. Her sunken eyes and ptosis issues have been improved perfectly, 
revealing more fresh and alert-looking eyes.


Lovely Blepharoplasty No Stich

In this case, the patient had "Lovely Blepharoplasty No Stitch."
The preoperative issues are that both eyes have unequal eyelid creases and sunken eyes, which results in a dull look. 
Her eyes have well-defined eyelid creases, no sunken eyes, and an alert appearance following surgery.


Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature / Lovely Blepharoplasty Lavator / Dermis-Fat Graft / Expert Epicanthoplasty

In this case, the patient had "Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature", "Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator", "Dermis-Fat Graft", and "Expert Epicanthoplasty".
The surgeon applied "Dr.Roungkaw's Techniques" to this case. Preoperative issues are sunken eyes, multiple creases, ptosis issues, and epicanthal folds 
covering the inner corners of the eyes. After surgery, it reveals well-defined creases like almond-eyed shapes. The sunken eyes and ptosis issues have been improved perfectly, resulting in big round, and alert-looking eyes.


Upper Blepharoplasty Revision / Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator / Dermis-Fat Graft / Expert Epicanthoplasty

In this case, the patient had "Upper Blepharoplasty Revision", "Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator", "Dermis-Fat Graft", and "Expert Epicanthoplasty".
The surgeon applied "Dr.Roungkaw's Techniques" to this case. Preoperative issues are high creases from previous surgery, ptosis issues, and the epicanthal folds covering the inner corner of the eyes. After surgery, it reveals more natural medium creases, which suit her eyes perfectly. In addition, her eyes appear brighter and look more almond-eyed. There are no droopy eyelids or high creases.


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