fbpx Lifting face as deep as SMAS layer without surgery | ทำตาสองชั้น เปิดหัวตา ถุงใต้ตา โดยหมอรวงข้าว และทีมจักษุศัลยแพทย์ ออกแบบดวงตา วิเคราะห์ปัญหาตรงจุด

Lifting face as deep as SMAS layer without surgery

Wonder HIFU( Du: Sonic by Medical Korea) is skin lifting technology by Bi-intensity Focus Ultrasound which uses ultrasound wave to tighten skin just like Ulthera but HIFU has focused smaller spot and release energy under skin to reduce pain. Also, it can reduce fat under skin by deeply penetrating at 3.0-4.5 mm

ภาพแสดงการปล่อยพลังงานของเครื่อง Wonder Hifu ที่ชั้นใต้ผิวหนัง


The picture shows how Wonder HIFU works under skin layer

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound of Wonder Hifu, generation 3delivering more delicate and focused energy  

Moreover, there's special tip for eyes to practically tighten. Wonder HIFU can be done not only face but also belly, arms, and legs to tighten up. 


Wonder HIFU tip for eyes


For Wonder HIFU treatment, anesthesia is not needed because it doesn't hurt during the treatment like Ulthera. It can be painful for not over than a week and then you can go back to your usual activities. The result is obviously seen after the treatment and better continuously. Wonder HIFU is suggested to be done every 6 months to 1 year to receive the best result and maintain your tightened skin. 

For those who are 25 years old onwards are suitable for Wonder HIFU or people who need to tighten up their face and have V shape. To get the most practical result, the technology and the doctors' experience are needed. At Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, we're highly concerned about patients by evaluating their problems including designing symmetrical face to deliver the highest efficiency.