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Expert Epicanthoplasty

Expert Epicanthoplasty​

Expert Epicanthoplasty is inner corners enlargement surgery which makes your eyes larger, longer, and sweeter. This technique is the most suitable for Asian eyes because of epicanthal folds. There are many techniques for epicanthoplasty. Dr. Roungkaw has her own technique called Expert Epicanthoplasty which uses laser, the lesion is small and hardly seen. The result is that eyes are definitely changed.

The result from Expert Epicanthoplasty provides longer, sweeter, and larger eyes. Also, in case of squint eyes is more adjusted. Expert Epicanthoplasty and Lovely Blepharoplasty are given even more beautiful and larger eyes. 

There's no swelling after Expert Epicanthoplasty and the result is obviously seen after the operation. The lesion is barely seen , no downtime just avoid washing the eye area for 9-10 days.