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Ptosis surgery

Treatment of weak eye muscles by Dr. Rouangkaw's technique

Blepharoplasty together with ptosis correction

                   Ptosis is another common problem in the general population. which is necessary for treatments because prolonged exposure can block some visions and destroy a person's pleasant personality. Most people with ptosis are unable to fully open their eyes. Their eye sockets will appear deeper than usual, giving him a tired appearance all the time. It also causes both eyes to appear uneven. As a result, many patients seek solutions to this issue. Because the eyes are the soul's window, they allow us to view objects that are clearly around us. As a result, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic recognized the necessity of addressing this ptosis issue by bringing in numerous medical technologies and innovative approaches that address all of the patient’s problems in a complete and accurate way.

The causes of the ptosis problem

  1. Genetics: From the moment they were born, the patients inherited from their parents. This happens a lot in young children who have trouble seeing, like those with strabismus and lazy eyes.
  2. Getting older: As people get older, their eye muscles get weaker, which shows up in many different ways, especially in older people.
  3. After double eyelid surgery, there is an accident or an unexpected mistake that has an impact on the eyelids.
  4. Other conditions directly related to the optic nerve, such as muscle weakness, neurological disease, or brain disease.



Ptosis correction

Ptosis correction can be performed with the "Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator" to make the eyes larger. It can also be performed in conjunction with adjusting the eye muscles just the right amount to exert more force and elevate the eyelids better. This procedure can also be used on people who do not have ptosis. Because it is a technique for making the inner eyelids appear larger and brighter without having to open your eyes wide. This procedure is appropriate for people who have double eyelids that appear tired, have lazy eyes, or prefer Korean style double eyelids.

In the case of ptosis problems (also called lazy eye or sleepy eye) in which the upper eyelid droops over the eye or the creases are not lined up evenly with each other, this technique of ptosis correction will be operated deep into the eye muscles, which is called "Levator Palpebrae Superioris" to strengthen the eye muscles. After that, the eyes are wider, and droopy eyes are remedied. It takes 1-2 hours for the operation by injecting local anesthesia into the eyelids.

Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic is another alternative for anyone struggling with ptosis and looking for a clinic to remedy eye muscle weakness. It has a team of experienced and skilled doctors who specialize in treating it using specific techniques directly.

eye muscle weakness have the original double eyelid Use the double eyelid method. eye muscle lift

how to make double eyelid, eye muscle lift

unilateral occipital muscle Use the method to adjust the eye muscles evenly.



The result may vary depending on each person.


Double eyelid surgery, open the eyes, lovely eye technique by Dr Roungkaw

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