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Decrease Eye Sags and Enlarge your Eyes with Thermage

Decrease Eye Sags and Enlarge your Eyes without Surgery with Thermage 

Most eye problems which is normally found  are eye bag, dropped eyelids, dark circles, and wrinkles including crow's feet. These problems are obviously seen when you get older because of declining of collagen. So if you have these problems, your eyes are also not beautiful.


Thermage Eye Reborn at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic

Nowadays, there are developing of Thermage tip for eye areas including our eye specialized in technique for the best result.

Thermage uses patented radio frequency (RF) technology to safely heat the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth for younger looking eyes. On the eyelids are tightened and elevated making clearer eye creases. Also, eyes are enlarged and sweeter. These good advantage from stimulating collagen affects long term result.


Thermage Eye Reborn Procedure

  • Applying anesthesia for 45 minutes
  • The doctors' evaluation area for the treatment 
  • The assistant will put Grid Paper on skin
  • The doctor put soft Eyeshield ( look like contact lenses)
  • The treatment lasts for 30-45 minutes 

The feeling during the treatment 
Feeling warm around the treatment area without pain


นนทำthermage ให้_0.jpg
During Thermage Eye Reborn treatment

After the treatment 

Redness will appear around the treatment area for an hour without pain. Then you can put makeup on and be back to your normal routine. Thermage Eye Reborn is suggested to do once a year to keep your eyes younger.


 Thermage Eye Reborn treatment

Thermage Eye Reborn Benefits 

1. Eyes are younger looking and look less tired. 

2. Helping smooth and tighten skin around the eyes and eyelids. 

3. Decreasing saggy skin and wrinkles 

4. Making you even younger 

thermage eye.jpg
ภาพผลการรักษาด้วย Thermage Eye Reborn



Patient Eyes Pic (dragged).png
Result of Thermage Eye Reborn


Patient Eyes Pic (dragged) 2.png
Result of Thermage Eye Reborn





The Patient impressed with Thermage Eye Reborn