fbpx Lower Blepharoplasty with Wrinkle Removal

Lower Blepharoplasty (Eye bag surgery)

Lower Blepharoplasty (Eye bag surgery)

Lower Blepharoplasty : Reduce sagging & Make under-eye skin smoother

The causes of bags under the eyes

1) Genetic inheritance

Some people have under-eye bags, just like their family members, due to a genetic trait. Possible causes include endocrine abnormalities. This inherited condition causes the body to produce more fat and excess fluid buildup under the eyes than usual on the skin beneath the eyes, which becomes problematic.

2) Age

The more you age, the more sagging bags appear under your eyes. This undesirable appearance is caused by poor eyelid skin structure, which makes the swelling and sagging of the bags under the eyes more noticeable than at a younger age.

3) Certain diseases

Certain diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure, can cause fluid retention. It will cause the patient's under-eye bags to swell easily.

4) Allergy

Allergies cause the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate (expand). The skin around the eyes is so swollen that the bags and dark circles beneath the eyes are clearly visible.

5) Stress and sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation and cumulative stress have an impact on the circulatory system, resulting in poor blood flow in the area under the eyes. As a result, the bags under the eyes become more visible.

Treatment for eye bags

                   It is a technique developed by Dr. Roungkaw to reduce the puffiness of under-eye bags. This method makes the under-eye skin smoother and tighter, and also reduces sagging. This procedure utilises a surgical technology called "New Lovely Microlaser" which is exclusive to Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. This cutting-edge laser surgery has a unique light beam that enables extremely precise micro-level operations around the eye. In addition, it has no effect on the surrounding tissues and aids in diminishing swelling, bruising, and blood loss during surgery. In addition, the surgical incision has no visible scar and requires no recovery time. By Dr. Roungkaw's technique, there are two types of eye bag surgery. The doctor will evaluate the problem and determine the appropriate surgical procedure for each patient.

Treatment for eye bags

  • Microlaser: removal of under-eye bags without scarring.

It is a technique for removing excess bags under the eyes from the inside of the eyelids by opening a small incision near the lower eyelid with the New Lovely Microlaser without causing any external wounds. This method is appropriate for young individuals with under-eye bags and no excess eyelid skin. There is no post-operative swelling or bruising. There is no need for suture removal or recovery time, so the patient can resume normal daily activities such as face washing.

  • Removal of the bags under the eyes and excess eyelids.

It is a surgical procedure to eliminate excess bags under the eyes and remove excess skin from the lower eyelids so that the skin under the eyes is smooth and tight. This procedure is appropriate for people with excess puffiness and sagging bags under the eyes, as it uses the "New Lovely Microlaser" to remove the excess outer layer of skin, as well as cumulative fat around the lower eyelids, without revealing the surgical incision. Because only a small wound will be concealed beneath the lower eyelid. This technique was developed by Dr. Roungkaw, who has over twelve years of surgical experience. The patient will undergo surgery performed by a talented doctor who has a thorough understanding of the structure of the eye. There will be no complications following surgery, such as the eyelid turning outward (Ectropion). After the surgery, the skin beneath the eyes will be smoother and tighter. The surgical wound appears smooth and is concealed near the eye's rim, making the wound unnoticeable, with no swelling and no need for recovery. The skin beneath the eyes appears naturally more youthful. Furthermore, the excess fat under the eyes will not come back again.

The procedures for removing bags under the eyes

  1. Before surgery, the doctor will first assess the strength of the lower ligament of the eye to avoid undesirable complications of under-eye bag surgery that have not been thoroughly examined first such as eyelid turning outward (Ectropion).
  2.  If the lower eye ligament is not strong enough, your doctor will recommend surgery together with sewing the ligament of the lower eye to prevent the eyelid from turning outward (ectropion). If a thorough diagnosis has been made by an experienced physician, there is no need to worry about any complications.
  3.  If the patient has a deep tear trough, your doctor will advise you to move the fat bags under the eyes in order to fill up the deep tear trough without waste cutting them away.
  4. 4. In surgery, the doctor will inject an anesthetic into the eyelid area. Therefore, there is no fear of pain during the surgery.
  5. In addition to the removal of bags and excess skin under the eyes to make them smooth and tight, in some cases, the patient's cheeks are sagging significantly. So, cheek lift surgery can also be performed simultaneously.
  6. After surgery, patients are able to resume normal daily activities, but they must avoid activities that affect eye pressure, such as sports, bending over, lifting heavy objects, or even crying. In addition, they must avoid the sun for one week. If patients do not notice, surgical scars hidden along the eyelash line will be invisible in the postoperative period.

The result may vary depending on each person.