Epicanthoplasty is the most suitable technique for Asian eyes

The Specialist indicates "epicanthoplasty " is the most suitable technique for Asian eyes

"Generally, Thai people have epicanthal folds which cause small eyes and sometimes look like squint. Therefore, epicanthoplasty (inner corners enlargement) is the best surgery to solve this problem and most suitable for Thai girls."

Dr. Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant or dr. Roungkaw, the specialized ophthalmologist, has indicated that epicanthoplasty (inner corners enlargement) is the most appropriate procedure for Thai girls and very popular for the surgery nowadays.


Beautiful eyes make beautiful life. 

"After epicanthoplasty surgery, your eyes will be brighter because it can enlarge eyes to see more the white eye area including adjust iris to be in the middle. Moreover, the nose will be more remarkable." According to the obvious change, Expert Epicanthoplasty at Lovely Eye Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw has become extremely popular and famous. Dr. Roungkaw is also the pioneer for inner corners enlargement in Thailand to provide more choices for eye surgery and it's no need to go to Korea.




Furthermore, the doctor has revealed the secret of beautiful eyes that "For an eye surgery must be needed specialized in operation because eye areas are very sensitive. To get the best result from epicanthoplasty, you should let the specialized ophthalmologists operate. Also, epicanthoplasty along with double eyelid surgery can improve your eyes even more beautiful and definitely change to better way.



Epicanthoplasty must be operated by the specialized ophthalmologist!

Dr. Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant or dr. Roungkaw has pioneered this special technique to Thailand. The ophthalmologist is high experienced and specialized in eye surgery because she studied this special technique with the specialized ophthalmologist teacher from famous institute in South Korea. The teacher has trusted in Dr. Roungkaw and let her operate for real patients in every case. Therefore, Dr. Roungkaw has lots of patients and she is the most specialized in epicanthoplasty.


If you are interested in epicanthoplasty, should study carefully about the ophthalmologists' profile and real works before making a decision.  For those who are interested in dr. Roungkaw 's work, just visit Facebook "Lovely Eye and Skin ตาสองชั้นความงามหมอรวงข้าว" or Instagram; Lovelyeyeandskin_by_drroungkaw. All of reviews are permitted by real cases in order to give more information and guide for those who are interested in epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery. 

"An eye surgery doesn't not only improve your eyes but also have to use art technique to design the shape of an eye which is proportional to patients' faces. " Nowadays, Lovely Eye Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw is ranked as the most specialized in epicanthoplasty guaranteed by tons of beautiful real cases. This is not surprising that both teenage and elderly patients are waiting for a queue of 'epicanthoplasty' over a year.

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