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Thermage USA

Thermage Perfect Face

Thermage Perfect Face is face and neck lifting and reduce wrinkles program at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by the specialized dermatologists. Thermage is adapted to personal problems to deliver the best result. 

Thermage (Solta Medical ,USA)

is US-FDA standard using radiofrequency called Monopolar Capacitively-Coupled Radiofrequency (RF) to tighten and contour skin. As superior innovative technology,  Thermage is different and provides the precise and practical result. Also, Thermage can stimulate producing collagen and naturally tighten skin.  

The Procedure 

After 60 minutes of applying anesthesia, the dermatologist will design the treated area. After that, the assistant will attach Grid Paper on skin and start the treatment. 

During Thermage CPT for each shot(2seconds/ shot), you're feeling cool from the the tip. Then it's vibrating with hot wave from the tip. Finally, you're feeling cool again. 

During the treatment, the dermatologist will ask you about hot resistance in order to adapt hot wave which is divided 0-4 level including immediate hot(2-2.5), warm (1), or hardly warm(0) which is not practical. If it's too hot(3-4), this level causes hurt and side effect. 

It takes 1-2 hours. If the treatment goes right, it's 99% safe. There are some side effects such as swelling, redness and some blisters which are hardly found. 

After the treatment, it's not  painful at all. Skin will be reddish and swollen for an hour. After that, you can put makeup on and apply skin cream as usual.