An item that a girl becomes thirty must have


Girls, when entering the age of 30, can be considered as adults. As a result, the skin looks tired, not refreshed, sometimes with dark circles under the eyes and under-eye bags because the metabolism starts to slow down with increased workload and not care for skin and health. For this reason, it results in mood swings and hormones in the body as well. What causes skin sagging over time?

1. Collagen began to deteriorate at the age of 30, causing the skin to continuously lose elasticity until you become 40 years old.

2. The moisture. When you get older, the water in the skin becomes less, and get wrinkles to become very fast.

Sunlight and hormones in the body are stimuli to change the facial skin condition. As a result, dry skin, have more wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, have the under-eye bags, and melasma on the face. Therefore, applying sunscreen must choose an SPF value greater than 30 ++.

4. Sitting in front of a computer or watch the news on the phone screen for a long time. Due to the blue light from the screen, causing more melasma the same as the sun. So, this is one thing that cannot refrain from action for women aged 30 and must apply sunscreen when working on screen.

Have beautiful skin from the inside to the outside

Things that women should do first and need to know more about taking care of themselves. When age increases, it has to be very nourishing because the skin will begin to wilt easily combined with taking care of the supplement, such as vitamins and nourishing creams at the same time.



  • Take vitamin supplements because it's an easy way, fast and effective. If you don't like to take vitamins or tablets that are too big, you won't want to eat.
  • Choose the fresh, clean vegetables and fruits that give the benefit. This way is suitable for anyone who wants to be convenient and able to eat. Your life will be easier.
  • Choose to use sunscreen or nourishing cream to provide extra moisture and firming the face. It is to add water to the skin as well. Most important is after washing your face or showering, you should apply nourishing cream as soon as the skin is still moist.
  • Drink plenty of water, get enough rest, and eat a full five categories. What's more, find exercise time to add shine to the skin.

Beauty TIP:  New Technique of needle-free Mesotherapy is a technique for pushing nourishing vitamins and drugs to enter the deep skin cells y using important principles called Electroporation or Non-Needle Mesotherapy.

1. Start with SKEYNDOR

            It is nourishing the face, which is the latest innovation in drug delivery or nutrients entering the skin without needles. It not hurt, safe and effective, and can bring nutrients into the deep skin better than using general iontophoresis or phonophoresis. This device has 4 functions in total.

1.1 Active current - use of electricity to stimulate the circulatory system and skin exfoliation. This function like preparing the skin to prepare and receive various nutrients.

1.2 Hydroelectrophoresis - pushing nutrients from the epidermis into the dermis. The nutrients are located in the space between cells (Intercellular) and have not been absorbed into the cells(intracellular). So, it requires the next step.

1.3 Electroporation - It is the main factor of push drugs or nutrients by using a short pulse high volt electric current to stimulates the skin cells to open for a moment. Similarly, it is allowing various nutrients to be efficiently absorbed into the cells.

1.4 Cryophoresis - Use of coldness to close nutrients to stay inside the cell as well as making the skin taut, and face lifting as well.

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2. Decrease dark circles under the eye

            Wrinkles on under-eye bags, we recommend eye cream with extracts of rice (Rice Essence Eye Cream), a special formula of Dr.Roungkaw. These skincare products around the eyes that are gentle on the eyes, helping to reduce wrinkles, under-eye bags, add moisture, reduce wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes to look naturally youthful. What's more, to have the skin around the eyes beautiful, bright, beautiful eyes, bright like Korean girls with rice extract, that provides moisture to revive the skin.

 Key extract

  • Rice seed extract: softens the skin around the eyes, moisturizes, and reduces dark circles under the eyes.
  • Macadamia extract: a good moisturizer for the skin and the cream is more easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Olive oil extract: This is rich in vitamin B and vitamin E. Similarly, it helps slow down aging.

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