Knowing about wrinkle reduction injections of genuine VS Counterfeit


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Among the wrinkle-reducing substances currently available in the beauty market with both genuine and counterfeit goods mixed. If you not carefully studying the information first, it will make the falsity result to you that we saw in popular news on websites and TVs. Because of this, the use of counterfeit injections to reduce wrinkles and not up to that standard will have the disadvantage that you would not expect. Consequently, don't wait for the error to come. go to see how to check genuine anti-wrinkle injections, and in case of accidentally using counterfeit


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anti-wrinkle agents, what will happen? Must follow!

Side effects of counterfeit wrinkles reduction injections are not standardized and not pass the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Non-standard counterfeit wrinkle-reduction injection agents. If used to inject wrinkles, the counterfeit drug can be spread wide and difficult to control than standard drugs. Therefore, it has the opportunity to spread to other muscles that we do not want to inject. Let's see, in case the injection to reduce wrinkles with counterfeit substances and no standard. What side effects do patients have?

1. Counterfeit wrinkle-reducing may spread to the esophagus, causing difficulty swallowing.

2. In the case that the counterfeit wrinkle injection spread to the bronchial muscles, causing suffocation

3. Eyelid ptosis or facial palsy

4. Causing exhaustion

5. Injection but the jaw doesn't decrease

6. The face is not firm and firm.

7. Drug be ineffective quickly

8. Lifelong drug resistance

What is resistance to wrinkle-reducing substances

Resistance to injection reduce-wrinkle is the same condition as drug resistance caused by the body memorizing the proteins in the injection to reduce wrinkles as foreign substances. Regardless of whether wrinkle-reducing injections are standardized drugs or no standard, the body then creates an antibody to resist, causing the injection to reduce wrinkles unable to work. Therefore, injections to reduce wrinkles are not effective.

The main reason that causes drug resistance to wrinkling reduction

1. Using counterfeit wrinkle reduction injection that no standard

2. The drug dose that used in one time is too much to exceed the need.

3. The injection is too often that the appropriate duration should be injected 3 months apart.

         Many people inject wrinkles by deciding on lower prices because they think it will give more value but don't know that's a counterfeit aging injection. Once they have injected, the drug will ineffective quickly, so they must come back to refill again. When injection often, they will be resistant to injection reducing wrinkles. After that, the injection will no longer work.

Check before about the genuine injection wrinkles. Notice where?

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  • The top of the lid of the box must have a sticker indicating the activation.
  • Side Box openings are available. Make it easy to open.
  • Easy to observe, purple bottle caps (100 Unit size), and red bottle caps (50 Unit size).
  • Beside the bottle will glow and display as a letter. When you shine a light.
  • Stickers specify production models, expiration dates, and usernames that can be peeled off for use to track the use of the drug.

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