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Reduce belly to not sagged and not pendulous.


The belly still a troubling problem for young people, if we asked where the fat is most difficult to reduce, everyone would say in one voice that "belly" or abdominal surface, is one thing that annoying. What's more, some people exercise including sit-ups until the upper abdominal stiff, but how to tighten the stomach or reduce belly, bias is hard to do. It depended on the shape of each person as well, because cellulite reduction takes time. First, we need to know the characteristics of the belly or abdomen surface how many types there are.



1. Spare Tire Tummy - is a belly caused by people who are addicted to eating too much sweet and do not like exercise at all. On the other hand, this type of belly considered a belly that can be easily fixed and reduced as soon as it is a layer of fat and overweight. People at risk with a belly are people who like to sit at the table and eat food and snacks like carbohydrates.


2. Stress Tummy - It may occur to people who eat food, not on time, and cause kidney malfunctions, due to like coffee or caffeinated beverages. Likewise, this will become a problem in the digestive system such as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the swollen abdomen, and protruding between the navel and diaphragm. Similarly, when stress the body will produce cortisol, a hormone that causes the body to produce more fat in the abdomen.


3. The Little Pooch - It easily caused in women who work courting and have a slim body, but likes to exercise the same posture repeatedly, but had a belly sticking out. People in this group should not exercise the abdomen too much because it will cause the stomach to have muscles and protruding clearly because of a slim body.


4. The Mummy Tummy - In general, the appearance of the belly of a mother who had just given birth a few years ago or prolapsed uterus, it takes about 6 weeks to return to normal. But many mothers are in a hurry to get back to their original. The suggestion is should not exercise and should rest according to the period after giving birth. Otherwise, the belly will become bloated like this.


5. The Bloated Tummy - This type of belly is flat in the morning and swell in the night because the gas comes from indigestion, also known as flatulence. As well as, sometimes occur from food allergies from food are not clean or bad, causing the gut is not fully functional.

  Change from belly to abdominal muscles depends on many factors. If still young, the stomach can be lifted quickly because of good metabolism. On the contrary, older people may take a very long time to lift the belly and reduce belly saggy. Did you know that

1. The most dangerous abdominal fat.

           Paunchy people will have a lot of fat in the abdomen causing insulin resistance resulting in high blood sugar levels. Importantly, it also allows free fatty acids to seep into the bloodstream, then travels to accumulate muscles in various organs of the body, which will increase the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

2. Choose to eat can reduce the belly.

- Breakfast, not to be absent: If not eating breakfast, it will cause the blood sugar will lower. Moreover, the brain will order to eat more lunch and dinner to compensate more than usual, causing easy to become paunchy.

- In one meal must have proteins from fish, egg white, chicken meat, white bean curd, red bean, plain milk, soy milk.

- Carbohydrates: whole wheat bread, brown rice, oat.

-  Dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins from vegetables, and fruits will help to be full faster. What's more, it has fiber to help the digestive system better, reduce stir, reduce fry, reduce fat, and choose boiled, spicy salad, steamed, simmer.

3. Drink water.

            The beverage must contain no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day because eating much sugar will be caused weight gain. Foods that contain sugar, when eaten, will be converted into energy. On the other hand, if we eat too much, it can be transformed into fat in the body to gain belly.

4. Exercise the whole body and slowly.



The lifts of tummy or reduce the saggy belly should change the exercise position to allow multiple muscles active because the abdomen is a large muscle. Also, you must understand the structure and the right way to exercise. Ensuring that the belly is reduced not as difficult as you think. Similarly, just the right exercise and the trick is doing slowly and get quality is back, side and front, such as abs exercise or abs workout.

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Beauty Tips:

If you exercise and weight control is not satisfactory, you may also use medical treatment along with.  Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, we understand all skin and beauty problems as well as offering another solution that helps you to lift your belly and get rid of fat in all proportions faster, causing problems of the saggy and pendulous belly.

 The latest innovation, INDIBA DEEP CARE is a medical technology that responds to the treatment, to promote beauty and skin with the proionic system. A small particle ion will help to balance the cell metabolism, in which the system will use energy gradually to increase the temperature safely to the treated part. Furthermore, it is a form of therapy with thermal (Thermal) and lower heat (Sub thermal), where the system accelerates the reaction of tissue regeneration and stimulates the breakdown of fat while maintaining the physiology of the cells without surgery for deep tissue regeneration, beauty rejuvenation, reduce cellulite, slimming, lifting the face. Similarly, The treatment will relieve pain in the body and helps reduce swelling and bruising after all types of surgery quickly. It is a tool that has been approved by the US-FDA in the United States. The results of the INDIBA DEEP CARE are



  • Rapid rehabilitation after surgery: It is a perfect collaboration of treatment before and after surgery that helps prepare and recover patients from the first surgery. Similarly, it helps in the flow of blood and reducing edema and blood fanaticism.
  •  Dilation of blood vessels: It helps increases circulation, the cell tissue receives oxygen, the waste drainage increases the level of metabolism and higher excitation.
  • Increasing the level of metabolism quickly: It is tissue detoxification and waste drainage, including the breakdown of fat, creating new collagen, and stimulating the heat shock protein.
  • Physical stimulation process: It is a metabolic stimulation, creating new collagen, stimulate the creation of fibroblast cells and the regeneration of blood vessels.



  •  Skin lifting: It is a treatment to reduce wrinkles that do not have wounds and does not hurt, adjust the skin condition that is sagging, lift the face by reducing wrinkles on the neck, and other parts of the body.
  •  Body proportion lifting: It helps reduces body proportions, lift the body by eliminating cellulite and body proportion lifting after birth.
  •  Cellulite reduction: the breakdown of body fat and reduce spot-specific fats.

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