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Unlock the secret for beautiful skin with Ulthera Authentic.

Nowadays, if talking about the innovation that helps to tighten the face, anti-aging, restore the freshness to the best skin. Thus, many people will think of Ulthera Authentic because it is an innovation that helps the skin to be firm without surgery, which provides energy down to the deep layers of the skin and does not affect the surrounding tissues. So, it is a lift innovation that beauty and celebrity gurus trust with fast and safe results. Who plans to make a younger face? Let's try to unlock the secret with Ulthera Authentic first.



   Working principle

Ulthera Authentic is an innovation for face lifting with laser technology that can transmit high power frequency sound wave (Focused Ultrasound energy). It is specific and accurate deep into the collagen layer under the skin to the upper muscle layer SMAS that surgeons use in facial plastic surgery, which other innovations cannot do. Sound waves are sent through the skin into small spots regularly, under the supervision of a doctor who can see the skin layer from the screen during treatment, resulting in effective treatment and high safety. What's more, Ulthera Authentic will help regenerate tissues and helps to hold the collagen fibers to better adhere to the top layer of skin. As a result, the sagging skin is tightened and lifted, therefore naturally smoother.




Compare Ulthera Authentic with other innovations

1. Ulthera Authentic stands out for the lifting of the face with the most effective results when compared to Hifu or Thermage.

2. Ulthera Authentic and Hifu are innovative, firming the skin with deep-layered SMAS to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin, which the sagging face be tightens.

3. Ulthera Authentic provides the highest and most accurate power.

4. Ulthera Authentic is suitable for people with sagging skin, that has a lot of fat on the face and want to tighten the face or around the eyes. On the contrary, Thermage, it is suitable for people with a lot of facial fat and wants to lift sagging cheeks, including reducing the wattle on the chin.

5. Ulthera Authentic is an innovation that is suitable for people aged 45 years and older with a lot of wrinkles. On the contrary, Hifu is suitable for people aged 25-35 years who have not many wrinkles.

6. Results after doing Ulthera Authentic can be seen within 2 months and the result can last up to 1-2 years while doing Thermage can see results within 3 months, and the result can last up to 1-2 years. As for Hifu, the result can be seen after receiving the service for 2-3 weeks, and the results can last for 6 months - 1 year.

                Each type of innovation has different characteristics and advantages. The choice of innovation or technology depends on individual skin problems and skin conditions. Furthermore, it is also at the doctor's discretion, but the number of times that the service is received depends on the individual's skin condition and skin response.





Facelift and relieve your skin age with Ulthera Authentic.

1. It is an innovation that can send heat energy waves to the skin consistently and continuously stimulate collagen regeneration. For this reason, the skin is firm effectively.

2. It can lift the face naturally without surgery therefore it does not hurt and does not require to recuperate.

3. Delivers energy deeper into the skin precisely, therefore, it does not cause an impact on the surrounding tissues.

4. Does not cause burns or damage to the epidermis

5. Helps the skin to be tighter and smoother

6. See the result immediately after the first service and can see the results clearly in 2 months.

7. It takes a short time to get service.

8. After doing Ulthera Authentic, you can make-up and use daily life as usual.

9. The doctor takes care closely and can see the deep skin condition through the screen. Therefore, able to control the release of power appropriately, making the treatment highly secure.



Results of face lifting with Ulthera Authentic

1. The skin structure has been fully refreshed and lasts for 1-2 years

2. Reduce wrinkles and sagging be radiant and firmer skin

3. Lifting the face to be face frame is clearer.

4. Face tighten and looks younger.

5. Solve the eyebrow and eyelid falls to get the eye round bigger and brightens.

6. Solves the wrinkled neck, with a neck wattle or double chin to give the chin slender.