fbpx Beautiful eyes, wounds heal quickly. What to eat? After having double eyelid.

Beautiful eyes, wounds heal quickly. What to eat? After having double eyelid.

Although, the eye surgery at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has specific techniques to solve the eye problems of each patient appropriately. Including the innovation that helps the surgical wound to be beautiful and able to restore the skin or tissue quickly but taking care of yourself after having double eyelid. It is still a matter that clients should pay more attention to, not as other issues for the best results to create double eyelids. Some clients still confuse that after having double eyelid What types of food can be eaten and what foods should be avoided? To prevent the effects of food that affects the surgical wound Let's see first.






What foods should be eaten after having double eyelid surgery

After double eyelid surgery should eat healthy food. Some foods can help create new skin cells and helps to heal wounds very well and helps the wounds after the double eyelid heal faster. Therefore making the eyelid more beautiful and gets in quicker than usual. What foods should be eaten after double eyelids surgery? Let's see.

1. Protein foods such as pork, cow milk and various types of nuts such as almonds, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, etc.

2. Foods rich in good fats such as deep-sea fish, coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, dark chocolate, almond butter, vegetables, fruits, etc.

3. Natural vitamins from vegetables and fruits


The helper that helps to reduce swelling after double eyelid surgery

1. Algae contain irons and fibers. It helps to reduce swelling and bruising after double eyelid surgery. You may eat seaweed soup or seaweed salad, etc.

2. Pumpkin contains vitamin A to reduce swelling and destroy bacteria and decrease the risk of infection after surgery. You can eat many menus such as fried pumpkin, coconut milk stewed pumpkin, and pumpkin soup, etc.

3. Black beans help to reduce inflammation and swelling and nourish the blood. The menu that delicious and beneficial to the body, such as sweet bean bun, coconut rice with banana filling, a black bean in sweet coconut milk, etc.

4. Drink coconut water to detoxify and remove waste from the body and reduce swelling as well.

5. Asiatic helps to reduce bruises and stimulates the regeneration of tissues. It was suitable for drinking Centella Asiatica water after double eyelid surgery or other surgery as well.



The food should avoid after double eyelid surgery

1. Pickled foods because it has bacteria that cause surgical wounds to be inflammation and infection.

2. Avoids eating eggs and chicken to prevent embossed wound.

3. In case of who has a seafood allergy, you should avoid eating seafood after double eyelid surgery. Because of causing severe allergy and surgical wounds to heal slowly.

4. Eating a shrimp paste after double eyelid surgery may result in the incision to be inflammation.

5. Pickled fish because it is injurious food. When you eat, it will stimulate allergen and surgical wounds to heal slowly.


Recommend the assistant to help surgical wound beautifully and healing quickly


1. After double eyelid surgery can be used as a laser to care for surgical wounds to be smoother with VBeam Lovely Eye. It is a laser technology for concealing wounds and bruises. Moreover, it helps to treat abnormal blood vessels by not destroying the tissue in the treatment area, including stimulating the creation of new blood vessels and stimulate collagen. Consequently, it is causing redness and surgical wounds to fade quickly and revealing the skin around the eyes that looks smooth clear in one step.


2. INDIBA EYE Restore is an effective innovation to tissue healing after surgery. It can stimulate blood circulation to intake more oxygen to tissue in the surgical area. Also, reduce swelling and bruising of surgical wound after double eyelid surgery with the head of equipment that design for surgical wound healing, especially in double eyelid surgery. This innovation helps to increase collagen and moisturizer, causing the surgical wound to fade away and smoother and tighter quickly, whereas, the clients do not feel any pain.



3. Treatments the incision after double eyelid surgery with scar removal cream is Smooth Smart Cream. It   

  accumulates worth of red onion extract and snail extract that help skin after surgery to be a moisturizer, reduce wrinkle. Resulting after double eyelid surgery is smooth naturally.


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