fbpx Blepharoplasty and disappointed, because of what?

Blepharoplasty and disappointed, because of what?



The results should not be expected too much after double eyelid surgery

          Double eyelid surgery with a unique technique of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, besides, to sharp eye, round big eyes, bright eyes and more charming. What’s more, we have other techniques that can help solve eye problems comprehensively with invented by Dr.Roungkaw of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, whether the special technique of blepharoplasty, pulling the eye muscle, extensional lateral canthoplasty, adjusting the corner of the eye, etc. All of these, it helps to enhance the result of double eyelid surgery to be better and more satisfying for clients. On the other hand, everything in this world has a limitation, double eyelid surgery too. Dr.Roungkaw provides full advice on what should not be expected after make double eyelid. So, who has a plan to make the double eyelid, let’s see how the double eyelids are bound and limitation.

Things should not be expected, after double eyelid surgery.

1. Crow's feet will disappear

          The expectation that after making double eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes or crow's feet will disappear without relying on innovation for wrinkle reduction anymore is impossible because the double eyelid and wrinkles or crow's feet are different parts. As well as, an excess eyelid that is cut from the double eyelid and lifts the outer canthus of the eye together with removing the excess skin around the outer canthus of the eye is only one part, which helps reduce the area of ​​the eye area. On the other hand, people who smile and create a pile of flesh or wrinkled flesh on the outer canthus of the eyes must use wrinkle reduction injection to loosen the muscles wrinkles disappear. The double eyelid doesn't respond to removing crow's feet in any way.

1 ตีนกาจะหายไป D0211 รัตนา รสฟุ้ง 2 ชั้น หมอรวงข้าว_0.jpg


2. Make double eyelids, and both eyes are equal

Normally, both eyes of people are not 100% equal. Some cases are slightly different often do not see the difference, but in some cases, there are many differences from the basic structure of the face. For example, some people have different face structures on both sides or have uneven of the eyeball and the eye socket, causing to uneven eye layer. Although the double eyelid can adjust both eyes to look equal, in some cases, they have very different structures. It is not possible to expect an equal of two eyes because of the structure, which the ophthalmologist cannot fix for yours.  

2 ตาทั้งสองข้างจะเท่ากันเป๊ะ D060 ศุภลักษณ์ ตันติอลงการ สองชั้น เปิดหัวตาห_0.jpg


3. The structure of eye sockets will change

The main reason for making double eyelids in each case is different because of the structure, whether the bone structure and the eye structure that affecting the curvature of the eye layer. For example, some people have very curved down of skeletons, the eye shape that is made out will also curve. Different from the bone is not very curved, the eye shape that comes out may also look eye sharp, or the eye tail looks more lifted. The result of double eyelid surgery depends on the structure of each person. In which the case has a curved skeleton but wants to keep your eyes sharp. It would be impossible.

3 โครงเบ้าตาจะเปลี่ยนแปลง C0157 จินตนา ค้อกองเงิน 2ชั้น เติมไขมัน หมอจัน.png


4. The plumpness of the upper eyelid

The upper eyelid that looks swollen, not just caused by the excess of eyelids or fat but may be caused by normal flesh with a thick appearance. Some part is caused by the eye of the client that looks bulging or caused by an eyebrow skeleton that also plump, which the doctor can fix is ​​just the eyelids and excess fat. On the contrary, the thing that cannot be fixed is the skeleton and the eyeballs that protrude. Therefore, people with this structure will cause bulging and plump in the brow bone. The doctor cannot fix because it is a problem in the eyebrow bone and the area is covered with eyebrow bone that covers the eyeball when people close their eyes, so it cannot be eliminated.

4 ความอูมของเปลือกตาด้านบน C0112 นาฏจรี ชื่นสุวรรณ์ 2 ชั้น หมอรวงข้าว.png


5. Make a double eyelid, and the eye tail will lift up

 Normally, the double eyelid surgery using the special technique of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. The doctor will raise the eye tail to every client by collecting excess eyelid, designed the eye shape to look good, proportionate, and most suitable for each client. Nevertheless, the overall results also depend on the structure of clients. Sometimes there may have a problem that causes the eye tail to fall over the eyelids such as the bone structure that curves downwards, some case eyebrows fall, the eyebrow tail falls off, so it becomes a problem that causes the eye tail to fall. In some cases, the eyeball points down, causing the outer canthus of the eye to fall from the lower edge of the eye. Which when making double eyelid, it will make it look better in the eyelid only, but the bone will not be modified. Similarly, we have a way to help to be better, such as eyebrow lift surgery, the corner of the eye lift surgery, causing the eye pointing upward.

5 หางตาจะยกขึ้น  C0189 สุธาสินี เมทนีดล 2 ชั้น+เปิดหัว หมอรวงข้า_1.png


6. Make a double eyelid, and the eyelid will nothing be left at all

The expecting that after making double eyelid, excess eyelid or wrinkled parts of another area such as sagging eye, or heap flesh in the case of elderly will nothing be left at all. It is impossible because the doctor will surgical in part of the eyelid and eye tail only. The eyelid that cut off is the part that the doctor has assessed that after the surgery the client will be able to close the eyes as normal. Some areas are cannot be cut the flesh, such as the side of the nose or long eye tail stale, which the doctor will evaluate first to prevent the wound that comes out too long. What’s more, the surgical wounds must be beautifully curved according to the eye shape.

6 ทำตาสองชั้นแล้วหนังตาจะไม่เหลือเลย  C093 วรรณพัฒน์ เกียรติศักดิ์ 2 ชั้น หมอรวงข้าว_1.jpg


7. Make double eyelids will be able to fix all problems

Double eyelid surgery cannot resolve all problems, but Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has a technique to solve other problems than double eyelid already supported. For example, in cases where the client has a deep eye, double eyelid surgery cannot solve this problem, therefore they having to do double eyelids with other methods, such as Lipofilling, etc. Furthermore, in the case that the client has an eyelid drop and the drowsy eye. Only the double eyelid surgery cannot solve these eye problems, so they have to make double eyelid to pull the levator muscle called Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator. Lastly, In the event that the eye tail is very dropped, double eyelid alone may be able to keep only one part and must solve the problem by raising eyebrows or together with injections to reduce wrinkles.

7 ทำตาสองชั้นจะสามารถแก้ไขได้ทุกปัญหา C0160 ทริ บุญเรือง 2ชั้น รักษากล้ามเนื้อ เติมไข_1.png


8. Make the double eyelid smaller than the original double eyelid

In this part, there will be 2 cases. Firstly, people who have single eyelids and when making double eyelids will be able to choose whether they need small eyelids or big eyelids. Alternatively, in the case where the basics are people with double eyelids, but eyelid drops and want to keep over the eye. It must make the eyelid at least equal to the original and cannot makes smaller than the original eyelid layer.

8 ทำตาสองชั้นให้เล็กกว่าตาสองชั้นเดิม  C0158 ปวิชญา ใศมรรคดา แก้ตา รักษากล้ามเนื้อ เต_0.png


9. Recovery time is equal to friends

A friend made a double eyelid but not swollen or bruised at all. Why aren't we lost? This question may occur to people with double eyelids and have close friends or friends that making double eyelids too, therefore a comparison has been made. In fact of the healing of each person making double eyelid surgery depends on many factors, whether the amount of eyelid is different. Likewise, the people that have a lot of eyelids had to cut off a lot. Therefore causing more swelling than cases with little eyelids, including excitement, the amount of blood released during surgery, pressure, take care of yourself after surgery, and the physical condition of each person. All of these factors affect the healing of the surgical wound.

9 เข้าที่เร็ว_0.png


9 เข้าที่ช้า_0.png

Innovation that can be combined with double eyelid, that makes the results even better.


1. The use of a drug to reduce muscle function during treatment combined with double eyelid surgery.

            This may help muscle contraction more than usual and relax of muscle that imbalance with the injection technique caused by the experience of Dr.Roungkaw. This technique is resulting in better crease in the eye as designed. Furthermore, it can be done with double eyelid surgery, and help reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye as well.

Purpose and Benefit of injection combination with double eyelid surgery

It helps to solve problems for double eyelid patients who have raised and frown eyebrows frequently or smile and have crow's feet. All of these may cause the eye shape to change from desired by causing the problem. Firstly, people who addicted to raised eyebrow at the end of the eyebrow near the nose area will cause the crease in the inner canthus of the eye area to get wide and the eye tail drop. Secondly, People who are addicted to raising eyebrows on both sides. The eyelid may not fold down because the eyelid is stretched and making the eyes look wider. Lastly, people who are addicted to raising eyebrows on both sides are not equal will cause the eyes layer to look different. So, people who already have good double eyelids or people who like to frown will pull the shape of the eye to change. After injecting anti-wrinkle agents, it helps to make the eyes beautiful, get the form and proportion as you needed.

 In the case of a problematic person of smile already has wrinkles but having a single eyelid, therefore not observed. On the contrary, after having double eyelids surgery, the marks may continuous from the eyelid and easier to see the wrinkles. So, wrinkle injection will help to reduce wrinkles for the skin around the outer canthus of the eyes to be smoother.

To reduce the movement of muscles around the eyes for better surgical wound healing.



            It is a new innovation that helps in deep tissue regeneration, beauty rejuvenation, helps to reduce cellulite, slimming facelift, relief body pain and helps to reduce swelling and bruising after all types of surgery. Furthermore, it helps to quickly collapse and swell, more beautiful certified by medical.

            Skin cell rejuvenation after all types of surgery, and helps to extend the life of natural beauty.

- It helps the surgical wound to heal faster.

- The eye layer gets in place faster.

- Reduces swelling after making double eyelids.

- It helps to tighten the skin around the eyes to look brighter.


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