fbpx Change drowsy eye to be perfect eye by Lovely Eye

Change drowsy eye to be perfect eye by Lovely Eye

Drowsy eye causes facial to be not cheerful and looks sleepy all the time. Many people misunderstand that double eyelid surgery can solve the drowsy eyes problem. Blepharoplasty helps create only the eyelid layer but not answering to eye muscle problems. Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic knows and understands Asian eye problems very well, therefore, developed a technique for making double eyelid by pull up levator muscle (Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator) to solve the eye problems comprehensive and effective. 

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The main problem causing the drowsy eye

One of the most common causes of the drowsy eye is a condition in muscles that are responsible for lifting the eyelid are weaker than usual people. In the same way, people that have eye muscle weakness, the upper eyelid will cover more than 1-2 millimeters of black-eyed, resulting in uneven eyes on both sides or a deep eye to see more than one eye layer. In most cases, the drowsy eyes due to weakness in the eye muscles. We can found inborn and seen in the children's group, which may have problems with eyesight like lazy eye, or in some cases it may be due to the cause of aging causing the eye muscles to fall under the force of gravity. Moreover, it may be caused by an accident or disease that affects the eye muscles, such as muscle weakness, allergies that result in rubbing the eyes, etc.

In addition to the current trends in eye beauty, it also results in people having eye muscle weakness, such as the trend of wearing contact lenses, which makes the eye muscles more vulnerable to stretching until the drowsy eye and the trend of double eyelid surgery. If you not having plastic surgery with a specialist, it may cause double eyelid quality. Also, the silk knot under the eyelid is obstructing to eye work causes to the eye muscle to work unpleasant than usual, which may cause later symptoms of the drowsy eyes.


The level of the symptom of Eye ptosis

1. Normal eye muscle: The upper eyelid will cover a black-eyed, not over 1-2 millimeters.

2. Eye muscle weakness first level: The upper eyelid will cover a black-eyed, go over 2 millimeters.

3. Eye muscle weakness medium level: The upper eyelid will cover a black-eyed, go over 3 millimeters.

4. Eye muscle weakness severe level: The upper eyelid will cover a black-eyed, go over 4 millimeters or above.


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Check first. the symptoms are a sign to be the eye ptosis

1. Having the eye ptosis from birth

- May have unilateral eye ptosis or both sides that causing vision problems because the fall of the eyelid will obscure some of the surrounding scenery.

2. Have been wearing contact lenses for a long time, until the eye muscles become stretched

- People who wear contact lenses for a long time, they will have a risk of the eye muscles to become stretching and can cause eye muscle weakness later.

3. Rub the eye frequently from allergies

- Usually, allergies cause itching. Whether it is on the skin or eyes, which frequently touch, scratch or rub the eyes will cause the eye muscles to be stretched and may result in eye muscle weakness in the future.

4. Can’t open the eye fully

- Eye muscle weakness can be causing the upper eyelid to cover the black-eyed, although people with eye muscle weakness have already opened their eyes fully. They were still not able to lift the eyelids as tall as normal people.

5. Raising the eyebrows frequently until wrinkles on the forehead.

- People with eye muscle weakness problems, often trying to raise the eyebrows for widening the eyes, therefore, causing wrinkles on the forehead until clearly noticeable.


The disadvantages of the symptoms “drowsy eye”

1. It is affecting to personality because the drowsy eyes make people look like sleepy all the time, undermining confidence. Also, make you not dare to eye contact with other people directly or not have confidence in photography.

2. Vision may not be clear because the eyelids fall to cover the eyeball causing impaired vision.

3. Wrinkle around the forehead from having to raise the eyebrows to open the eyes frequently.

4. The eyes may not look equal, causing the face to look unbalanced and difficult to makeup.


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Relieve the problem of "Drowsy Eyes" at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic.

Can make double eyelid using pull up of levator muscle (Lovely Blepharoplasty Levator ) technique to solve the drowsy eyes or the weakest of eye muscles (Ptosis) most accurately. It helps to solve problems in both cases of eye muscle weakness combined with double eyelid by having a finer procedure than the normal double eyelid and making down to the muscle level. Moreover, it adjusts the strength of the eye muscles returns to normal, no drowse eye, eyelids did not fall repeatedly. Besides, in cases there is no eye muscle weakness, it able to pull the levator muscle combined with double eyelids to increase the result. That is not only getting a beautiful and sharp eyelid but look round big eye and permanent beautiful eyes.