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Get to know various skin problems.

The skin is the largest organ in our body. In each age range throughout our lives from birth, the skin changes a lot from the soft skin of infants through adolescence to the elderly. The skin starts to have wrinkles and sagging. In each age range, our skin has different needs. Therefore, the selection of skincare products must meet the needs of the skin at the time as well as cleaning, protecting, nourishing and repairing skin products. To help the skin stay healthy and beautiful regardless of age. Moreover, the environment, air pollution, and degeneration of the skin as the age increase causing our skin conditions to have many problems such as acne, freckles, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and sagging skin, etc. These problems can occur with everyone at different ages. Consequently, proper skin care and treatment were to be supervised by a dermatologist.

Adolescence or working-age people and who be conscious of one’s appearance place importance on skin problems because the skin of the body is a reflection of the beauty and having a good personality to those around you. But each person's skin will have different problems depending on many factors.

Common skin problems

1. Fungal skin diseases causing skin diseases in different areas of the body, especially the skin on the outside that can be easily seen on the face, arms, legs, torso, etc. The most common fungal problems in the skin are ringworm, chloasma, tinea capitis or athlete's foot, which often occur in various areas.

- Scalp problems were caused by fungal skin diseases such as tinea capitis. It causes the scalp to become inflamed, pustule and flaky.

- Skin problems in the torso, limbs, including the face that found the most are ringworm and chloasma. It causes a distinct white band differs from general skin color.

2. Seborrheic keratosis is a skin problem characterized by the appearance of tumors in the epidermis. More common in people older than 30 years. The main characteristic of the disease is the skin tags that brown, embossing, rough. Some may find protrusion, but without any harmful symptoms. It mostly found around the face and body.

- Seborrheic keratosis at the face or the outside of the body, contribute to not looking beautiful. The treatment can be treated in many ways such as using chemical reagents, use of electrocautery, use of lasers and surgery. It depends on the location, size, and nature of the freckles.

3. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a chronic skin problem but can prevent and the treatment has normalized. This type of skin problem usually occurs in the middle of the face that is very oily. The symptoms usually start with flaky, scab, itching, redness, and itching in other areas such as eyebrows, ears, nose. Some people may get a rash on the scalp and flaky like dandruff in dry areas, especially in areas with few sebaceous glands such as the side face, these symptoms will not be found.

- The treatment uses anti-inflammatory drugs combined with antibiotics to prevent complications of the infection. After that, we will use drugs that reduce cell division to stop the red rash. When the symptoms decrease, we will use guidelines to control the oiliness of the skin.

4. Atopic Dermatitis is a skin condition caused by the body's immunity to allergens such as allergens from plants pollen, animals, drugs, chemicals, and the environment. The symptoms have characterized by the type of allergen. But the most significant found of skin symptom is red rash and itching. Which often occurs around the arms, legs, body, and face.

- Treatment is based on symptoms occurring on the skin, such as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs combined with avoiding contact and being in an environment with that type of allergen.

5. Acne is a problem in the skin that occurs on the face causing annoyance, unattractive, embarrassing and losing personality. Most often found in teens due to the important cause is the skin's response to the secreted hormones, which stimulates the sebaceous gland production under the skin. It will drive the fat out through the pores but at this age, the obstruction of the hair follicles often causes infection and inflammation in acne. In addition, acne is found that can occur in adults for many reasons that are not hormonal, such as genes, dust, and toxins.

6. Large pores are a type of pores on the face that are wide open with spotting on the face caused by the removal of fat from the pores all the time. Moreover, it often found the occurrence of soft hair in the pores. The cause is usually found by many factors, such as people with oily skin, smoking, etc.

7. The wrinkle is a common skin problem as we get older and is the problem that causes most people to worry the most. The wrinkles caused by aging skin cells and muscle contractions such as crow's feet, wrinkles around the forehead or the eyes, etc.

- Treatments a wrinkle is generally using skincare products to add moisture and slowing down, causes wrinkles, including aesthetic innovation treatments such as surgery, injections, fillers, lasers, etc.

8. Melasma is characterized by skin problems occurring on both cheekbones, forehead, nose, middle face, above the lips. Melasma will look like a light brown or dark brown sheet due to the pigment of cells under the skin malfunction, causing a lot of pigment on the top layer of the skin, so found as such pigment sheet.

- Key factors that cause melasma include hormones of the body and receiving hormones from certain drugs such as birth control pills, cosmetics, etc. Moreover, the more one important factor are ultra-violet light that stimulates the production of more pigment.

- Methods of treatment may use drugs that affect inhibiting melanin production that does not destroy the pigment cells, peeling, accelerating the exfoliation of the skin, the use of lasers. We can protect by avoiding sunlight, the uses of sunscreen, the uses of certain hormonal drugs, such as birth control pills, steroid-containing cosmetics.

9. Freckles are skin problems that resemble melanin-like pigment sheets. Freckles can divide into 2 types.

9.1 Seborrheic is a character of the convex from the area of ​​the skin, an uneven appearance and can genetically be transmitted. If seborrheic exposed to sunlight, it will increase the number more and more.

9.2 Solar Lentigo is mainly caused by sunlight. Also, some hormones stimulate the number of freckles that increased as well.

10. Hair and dandruff are the problems in the scalp and more common in adolescents. The cause of this problem is caused by the fungus that lives in the pores to eat the excreted fat. The symptom is usually a small white flaky or scab, including itching.

- The treatment of dandruff has generally used a shampoo that has the main drug is selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, Coal Tar and Ketoconazole, which has the ability to kill fungi.

- Alopecia is a problem that men are more concerned with than women. Alopecia caused by genetics and chemicals. The treatment may be treated with Finasteride to help reduce the levels of Dihydrotestosterone, reduce alopecia, including new hair cell transplantation surgery.

11. Cellulite is a skin problem caused by the accumulation of fat cells on the skin more than usual. The skin looks rough like orange peel or convex, uneven skin texture. It mostly found in the hips, upper arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

- Treatment the cellulite can be done by removing excess cellulite using various methods such as surgery, anti-cellulite injection combined with the practice to reduce the amount of cellulite, such as exercise, avoiding eating high-fat foods, etc.

Various skin problems caused by many factors. Makes proper skincare that should be done by a dermatologist and at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, we have a Lovely Beauty Expert team that combines leading Thai dermatologists. Along with technology and cosmetic innovations such as Laser Treatment Anti-Aging to provide treatment to patients. To respond to the need for treatment that is as direct and natural as possible. Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, we understand all skin problems.

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