How to take care of the eye to keep bright for a long time


Are you sure take good care of your eyes enough? , especially in an era when most people have to spend time working with computers or mobile phones for a long time each day, which is making the eyes work most heavily. Often some people neglect not taking care of the eyes, causing eye deterioration without knowing it. Let's see what kind of eye diseases occur more often along with how to maintain healthy eyes to the elderly.

Popular of disease caused to the eye

1. A cataract is a disease that occurs from the degeneration of proteins in the lens and makes the corneal lens opaque. When the turbidity reaches a certain level, the lights can't pass through. It caused to make the image not clear or sometimes see a double vision or photophobia and cause complications causing permanently blind and more common in people aged 50 years or older. In addition to age, cataracts may also be caused by other reasons, such as too much UV exposure, drinking alcohol, smoking, and the use of steroids for a long time or by genetics, etc.

2. Glaucoma occurs when the pressure in the eyeball rises and destroys the optic nerve. In the initial stages, it may cause side vision deterioration until it looks like looking through the pipe to the point of blindness. The cause may be due to increasing age, thin cornea, people who may have an eye accident before, the use of steroids, etc.

3. Dry eyes are caused by abnormal lacrimal glands or nasolacrimal duct obstruction until unable to produce fat or eye allergies or eyes work hard. It can be a cause of dry eyes as well.

4. Allergic Pink Eye is the symptoms of conjunctivitis that cause itching, irritation, tearing, eyes sensitive to light. These symptoms caused by the body's reaction to allergies such as air, dust mites, pollen, fabric softener or contact lenses, etc.

5. Vitreous degeneration is a condition that occurs when rolling the eyes and sees the black line floating, resulting in disturbing vision. This disease is more common in older people or people with very shortsighted or those who have previously had an eye accident.

6. Aged-related macular degeneration caused by staring at the blue screen for a long time until the retinal cells gradually die, resulting in the retinal deterioration and causes eye strain, eyes irritated, sore eyes, dry eyes.


How to preserve the eyes? Let the eyes beautifully and stay with us for a long time.

1. A humidifier can solve the dry eye.

- The digital age makes each day we have to use the eyes to stare at the screen of a mobile phone or computer for a long time causing dry eyes. If you have to sit and work for a long time, you may use a humidifier for helps to increase humidity for rooms with dry air as well.

2. Sunglasses are the hero

            - UV rays in sunlight causing our eyes to deteriorate quickly, and having a chance of cataracts. Therefore, every time to do outdoor activities, you should wear sunglasses every time.

3. Do not pity the old cosmetic.

- If used old or expired cosmetics, it can cause eye infections. Therefore should check the expiration date of the cosmetics that must be used near the eye area regularly and should wash your face thoroughly after makeup.

4. Wear contact lenses to sleep is the bane of the eyes.

- Aside from the eyes that are at risk of infection also sleep with contact lenses will cause the eyes to lack oxygen, causing sores in the eyes and conjunctivitis until it can lead to blindness.

5. Have good eyes, if you choose to eat good food.

- Choose eaten fresh fruits and vegetables that abound in antioxidants and carotene will help protect the eyes from blue light as well as vegetables that are high in vitamins such as morning glory, carrots, spinach, broccoli, avocado, pumpkin, and ivy gourd, etc.

6. Adjust the computer screen at eye level.

- You should not sit and stare at the computer screen for a long time and should take their eyes off the screen every 20 minutes. Furthermore, adjust the screen light, font size appropriately and should distance a shift of about 25 centimeters from the screen to help prevent dry eye problems.

7. Check your eyes regularly.

-It helps to find eye diseases at an early stage to treat as soon as possible, which will make it heal easily than a severe condition.

Every people have a profession or responsibility, causing unavoidable use of eyesight. Therefore unable to fully follow eye care recommendations but at least getting started to take care of your own eyes little by little each day. It will help extend the life of our eyes for longer.