New Lovely Microlaser. Beautiful eyes by the latest innovation


The result may vary depending on each person.

The eye surgery at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, beyond to the results of beautiful eyes. It also solve all types of eye problems perfectly with specialist technique only at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic by Dr.Roungkaw or Dr.Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant who is an ophthalmologist making double eyelid surgery, the beauty of the eyes and skin at Lovely Eye & Skin clinic, the original of double eyelid with Medial Epicanthoplasty in Thailand. Dr.Roungkaw has experience extensively, also analyzed and planned solution for each case combined with attention in surgery detail, her will choose New Lovely Microlaser. This is a latest technology exclusive only at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, superior than Microlaser that helps to heading in small areas such as around the eyes easily and help to do eye surgery to be more accurately and safety.


(รูปด้านซ้าย) Microlaser นวัตกรรมเลเซอร์รุ่นเก่า

(รูปด้านขวา) New Lovely Microlaser นวัตกรรมใหม่ล่าสุด


What is the New Lovely Microlaser?

         New Lovely Microlaser is the innovation that support newest surgery of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic with developed head of laser be smallest. So, it highly accuracy more than older technology and able to specific the surgical area thoroughly without effect to surrounding tissue, reduce blood loss during operation causing very little bleeding. Therefore helps reduce bruising, inflammation and no waste time recuperate. The incision after surgery are smallest almost invisible and help to recovery surgical wound perfectly.



NO lesions, Trust our safety with New Lovely Microlaser

-            Surgical wounds beautifully and perfectly

-            Can use in small surgical areas such as making double eyelid as well

-            High accurate and safe

-            Not affected to surrounding tissue

-            Reduce pain

-            Less of bleeding during operation

-            Not waste time to recuperate for a long time

-            Wounds suture smoothly and perfectly


ทำตา ที่ Lovely Eye คุ้มค่าอย่างไร-5_0.png

The eye surgery with New Lovely Microlaser VS Normal eye surgery

Eye Cosmetic Surgery, we must rely on doctors and staffs. Beginning with history taking of clients, in order to check the condition or underlying disease then inquire a medicine, vitamins, supplements or herbal medicines that the client regularly use including alcohol and smoking habits too. The doctor and staff in charge will talk to clients about the desired blepharoplasty results, process of eyes surgery, benefits and risks that may be received, take care by yourself after surgery. All of it for the most satisfying results.

Furthermore choose latest equipment and technology can helps the eye surgery be accurate, decrease risks and give the best results of surgery, For example of use small New Lovely Microlaser that have highly accurate for surgical. It is a newest medical technology that helps our surgery be smoothly. That why Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic use specific accurate New Lovely Microlaser to cutting excessive eyelid combined the technique of creating an eye layer by healing up the tissue of patients. In order to obtain the best eye layers naturally. Let’s take a look what results from New Lovely Microlaser in eye surgery can do?



ก่อน หลังทำทันที.jpg

The result may vary depending on each person.



       Before                                    After (10 Day)

The result may vary depending on each person.