No worries about Scars after making double eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye & Skin




Although making double eyelid, There are methods made by small wounds without Slit the eyelid or use a stitchless double eyelid called “Lovely Blepharoplasty No stitch” to find minimal stitches of the eye layer. Most Asians need to use a long-cut way to solve most eye problems, so those methods don’t meet any eye problems because the basics of Asian eyes tend to have thick eye skin, which is not caused by an increase in age alone, but the main reasons is genetic and sagging. Most people know that making double eyelid with small wounds will only work temporarily and when it comes out, The eye layers may not seem very natural. If there’s a lot leather content, it’s going to be used to sew, making your eyes look deep, and finally ending up cutting the eye skin.

            Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, we have methods of making double eyelid with cutting eye-lid that provides minimal side effects. Although double eyelid can be difficult to avoid swelling or scars, but Dr.Roungkaw or Dr.Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant who is an ophthalmologist making double eye-lid surgery, The beauty of  eyes and skin at Lovely Eye & Skin clinic, the original of double eye-lid with Medial Epicanthoplasty in Thailand. Dr.Roungkaw, who has invented a way to reduce swelling, bruising and reduce scars by bringing in the latest microlaser innovations or New Lovely Microlaser to reduce the bruised swelling of surgical wounds, using VBEAM Lovely Eye helps to fade the wound after surgery and INDIBA Eye Restore to make the swelling drop sharply. It reduces the anxiety of surgical wounds from the surgery’s double eyelid.


How long to get pretty eye layer? 

In the beginning, after making double eye-lid. In some case, there may be a close eye sight, as the eyes are swollen and stiff in the wound that make it difficult to close their eyes. This is usual symptom of making double eye-lid and can be cured within 1-2 months. In some case, swelling may occur, most of which is swelling in the first week and gradually collapses to normal or during the first week, the wound is healing. In some case, a small blister may follow the stitches, similar to uneven wounds. But it is only a normal healing process and can be heal itself within 2 weeks, mostly collapsing the swelling of both eyes is often unequal. Resulting in post-operative periods may not be able to see what the eye will look like. Therefore have to wait for the period of entering the eyes. Normally, the double eyelid are in place and fully beautiful about 3-6 months.


How to care after making double eyelid to get the beautiful eye layers without wounds?

1. Avoids bending head down, sneezing or severe tenesmus during first 3 days to prevent bruise or bleeding, may use eye cover to prevent your hands hit the wound. It will help reduce a chance of split wound since after 1 months from making double eyelid.

2. Take a medicine as prescribed by the doctor strictly according to the instructions.

3. Apply some beeswax to the wound with cotton swab. To help the wound heal faster.

4. In case of bleeding follow the wound. You can use gauze press and hold until no bleeding.

5. Avoid eating fermented foods, shrimp paste, pickled fish, eggs, seafood for 3 weeks after surgery. To prevent itchy and convex wound.

Introducing the best innovation of making double eyelid without wounds from Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic


                                                                                                                 Microlaser รุ่นเดิม                                                      New Lovely Microlaser


1. New Lovely Microlaser – The best assistant in surgery. It specify eye crease accurately, doing convenient operation without affecting surrounding tissue with the new technology that revolutionized in surgery industry. Nowadays, it is more convenient and more secure with the smallest head of laser. It provide high accuracy, so it able to specify the surgical area accurately. Resulting of smallest head of laser are reduce bleeding during surgery, cause of less bleed. Therefore helps reduce bruising, inflammation and good for reduce time recuperate. The incision after surgery are so small almost invisible, helps to make surgical wound beautifully and perfectly. Get the beautiful eye layer along to beautiful eye crease which almost invisible a wound at all.

Indiba 3.jpg


2. INDIBA Eye Restore – The latest innovation that helps deep tissue quickly recuperate. It helps to reduce swelling after doing eye surgical by using specific head of machine for recovery surgical wound after double eyelid surgery, especially stimulate blood circulation in order to intake more oxygen in the eyelid tissue, Increase new collagen creation and helps to increase moisture to reduce surgical wounds and fade it quickly and the adjacent skin is smooth and fit. This innovation can reduce Under-eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes, just like the innovation called “Thermage Eye Reborn”. There can provide relax treatments, A Clients will not feel any pain during treatment. In addition to, INDIBA also provides any recuperate after surgery such as liposuction, reduce cellulite to get effectively smooth skin.


3. VBEAM Lovely Eye – Laser surgical wounds after making double eyelid be smoother. After surgery, our clinic bringing the VBEAM Lovely Eye laser technology to speed up the healing of wounds with a laser beam that gentle on the skin and we have cooling system that provides high resolution combined with a high accuracy laser beam. It causes abnormal blood vessels under the skin due to inflammation such as Red scar after surgery, Convex scar from wound healing, Scars and Dark circles fade away and also stimulate collagen creation and new blood vessels for transport more food to skin. The results after the treatment is the wound will fade away quickly.


4. Spectra Gold Clear – The innovation after eye surgery for even more bright able to treat red wounds and dark circles, treatment with effective laser machine same likes the world standards and same standards as premiere hospital in Thailand. In addition, Lovely Eye & Skin clinic also has other methods of treatment combined with Laser such as vanishing cream, Injection into the lesion include various treatments. This is an alternative way of treatment for perfection and maximum satisfaction of our clients.

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