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Normal symptoms after double eyelid surgery that doesn't need to be overly concerned.


           Technology and double eyelid technique, especially the unique technique at Lovely Eye with Microlaser. It can help to reduce swelling after surgery from standard equipment, causing convenient, easy and secure during surgery. But most people worry about symptoms after surgery that effect to eyelids. Even though all the plastic surgery has a chance cause of complication but some symptoms that show after surgery are only a normal symptom and can disappear. For people who have these symptoms, you should not overly concern. Dr.Roungkaw from Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic will suggest through this article.

Normal symptoms after double eyelid surgery that not to worry suggested by Dr.Roungkaw

1. Not close the eyes completely because of swelling and stiffness in the wound area, causing it difficult to close your eyes. Which is a symptom that can disappear by itself within 1-2 months

1 หลับตาไม่สนิท_0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

2. Swelling after double eyelid surgery. Some people will be very swollen in the first week, which depends on individual factors. After that, it will gradually reduce swelling to normal.

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The result may vary depending on each person.

3. During the wound healing in that first week. You will get a small blister to follow stitches look like an uneven wound. But it is just a normal healing process and can disappear by itself within 2 weeks.

3 ตุ่มเล็กๆตามรอยเย็บซึ่งเป็นขบวนการสมานแผลตามปกติ_0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

4. Bruising around the eyes usually occurs only to people with high blood pressure, heavy bleeding during surgery or after surgery, or people who exercise hard and have severe sneezing and coughing. Which can disappear by itself within 2-3 weeks

4 อาการช้ำรอบดวงตา_0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

5. Subconjunctival hemorrhage can happen from the capillaries that are brittle infrequently and not dangerous. It can disappear by itself in 2 weeks and can take care of a cold compress or drops the medicine as the doctor ordered.

5 เลือดออกในเยื่อบุตาขาว_1_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

6. Uneven reduce swelling of both eyes causing during the first postoperative period. It may not be able to see what the eyelid will look like, therefore, have to wait about 4-6 months.

6 การยุบบวมของตาทั้งสองข้างไม่เท่ากัน_0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

7. Not familiar to your face, when starting the eye makeup for 2 weeks after the surgery. The client may feel the eyelids look deeply, but after the operation is about 4 months will look naturally.

7 ชั้นตาหลังทำเสร็จใหม่ๆ ที่ดูลึก_0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

8. Feeling that eyelashes are curled up and see the edge of the eye more clearly. After the surgery 4-6 months, it will return to normal.

8 ขนตางอนและแนวขอบตาที่ดูชัด _0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

9. A little redness and bulge along the wound is a wound healing process normally. A heal of the wound takes about 1 month. therefore there is a little redness and convex follow incision. The doctor will make an appointment to see the healing of the wound is normal or not. Because excessive healing may cause convexity, which can use injections or lasers helps be healed faster. But if there are not many convex marks, the wound will disappear by itself.

9 รอยแดงตามแผลและรอยนูนเล็กน้อย_0_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

10. Numbness around the eyelids or sensitivity of lower eyelids decreasing. It occurs in some cases and can disappear within 2-3 months.

11. Blurry eyes caused by ointments applied to the eye. Therefore should reduce the amount of wax or cause by dry eyes. In the present day, most people tend to have dry eyes as the original capital from using a lot of eyes in trims with mobile phones and computer screens combined with the double eyelids surgery. It makes the eyes more open and sensitive to the wind than usual. In which cases of the dry eye, the doctor will arrange artificial tears to relieve. These symptoms will disappear by themselves within 2 months. So, patients should decrease the use of the eyes during the first period and avoid being exposed to the sun by wearing glasses, when going outside every time.




12. The eye layer not folded along the trace may be caused by less opening your eyes. Because they are familiar with having single eyelids or don't dare to open your eyes a lot because afraid of the wound split or have convex marks in the folds of the eye. Therefore, causing the folds of the eye layer to not follow the trace. The doctor will advise practicing opening your eyes as hard as possible for the symptoms will disappear. When the eyes are in place, the eyelid will be a beautiful crease as needed.

10 ตาหลังทำเสร็จใหม่ๆ ที่ยังไม่พับตามรอย_1_0.png

The result may vary depending on each person.

Lovely Eye Care 


  1. Lovely Eye Care. How to take care of the correct after double eyelid surgery

    1. Apply a cold compress as often as possible during 3 days after surgery. To prevent bruising.

    2. Sleep on the high pillows for the first 2 days after surgery. To reduce swelling of the eyelids and avoid lying on your side.

    3. Decrease chance of wounds split or bruising and bleeding by avoids bending head down or sneezing and severe tenesmus. May use eye cover to prevent your hands hit the wound

    4. Take medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

    5. Apply beeswax to the wound with a cotton swab. The wound will heal faster.

    6. If there is bleeding around the wound. You can use clean gauze cloth pressed until the blood stops.

    7. Be aware of your wounds not to get touch water or sweats and oiliness before silk cutting.

    8. Supplements or Drugs that have been stopping before surgery can start eating immediately after the surgery except for proteins and collagen. You can eat after surgery for 1 month or more.

    9. Avoid eating fermented foods, shrimp paste, pickled fish, eggs, seafood for 3 weeks after surgery. To prevent itchy and convex wound.

    10. In the first period, we should wear glasses or sunglasses to prevent dust and including a decreased use of the eyes on computer screens and mobile phones.

    11. Apply a warm compress in the 6th day after surgery in the morning and evening for 10 minutes each time for 1 week.


    After double eyelids surgery, the surgical wound will heal within approximately 1-3 months and beautiful in place for about 6 months. After the surgery, our clinic has the best medication set for postoperative care that is appropriate for each client. To make the eyelid beautiful and disappear quickly. Don't forget to take all the medicines and follow the doctor's instructions strictly. For the result of the most beautiful and pleasing double eyelid.


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