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About cosmetic eye surgery at Lovely Eye Clinic

Q : Why people choose Lovely Eye Clinic for eyelid surgery and how different from others ? 

A : At lovely eye clinic we have the special incisional Eyelid surgery/Blepharoplasty  technique  which make the crease look less visible, natural  . Especially, for eyes that have excess amounts of fat deposits, muscles, tissues and thick skin, our special incisional eyelid. All surgery is performed by  experienced eye surgeon teams that specialised in eyelid sugery and occuloplastic  surgeon that specialized in more specific eye problems . A lot of before&after photos . So people trust in our work . And also Expert Epicanthoplasty and Extensional lateral canthoplasty  are perfectly added  for more satisfied result in those who want the eyes to look bigger.

Q : Dose Incisional eyelid surgery were the best type for Blepharoplasty?

A : It’s the most common method for making double eyelid line by removing and adjusting the skin around the eyelids, muscle, fat, connective tissue after incision along the eye of the eyelid according to the desired height of the double eyelid line. this method helps remove thick muscles around the eye and adipose tissue of eyelids, makes the eyelids thin, so the double lid crease is created beautifully.

Q : Is it so painful while operating ? Do i need general anesthesia?

A : The patient do not need general anesthesia in operation because this is just minor operation. Eyelid surgery can be performed with local anesthesia.

Q : Is there much scarring with a Blepharoplasty ?

A : As with any surgical procedure, some scarring is to be expected. However, scarring with blepharoplasty is minimal and practically nonexistent after several months of healing. Mostly there is thin strip of surgical line similar to eyelid skin after healing, however depend on individual.

Q : Does Incisional eyelid surgery will makes the eyelid crease looks so deep ?

A : Incision does not control how deep the eyelid crease is. there’s only just remove excess skin to reshapes the eyelid creases, but how deep is your eyelid crease depends on fat removal and sutures. Even though some patients have done short incision upper blepharoplasty or non- incision blepharoplasty but still have deep and unnatural looks. Because surgical types  should adjust to individual.

Q : How many times i can have Revision blepharoplasty ?

A : There is no specific number of times to do blepharoplasty revision. Any revision blepharoplasty depend on sagging upper / lower eyelid that exists. A good knowledge of anatomy and good command of several technique to avoid the side effects is a must in repeat surgery.

Q : What is an Epicanthoplasty? And who worth it ?

A : Epicanthoplasty  is the famous eyelid surgery technique in Korea. It results in widen the eyes, make the double-eyelid more beautiful parallel appearance, Expert Epicanthoplasty  is a specific method in Lovely Eye Clinic that make the significant bigger eye and least scarring technique . 

Q : Does Epicanthoplasty will be affected to Lacrimal lake or eyes not close completly ?

A : Epicanthoplasty operation performed by eye specialist will not affect to patient’s lacrimal system after surgery. Because Epicanthoplasty is remove just skin over the inner eye corner, and not affect on eyelid closure.

Q : Does Upper Blepharoplasty will be affect to eyes not close completely ?

A : The Upper Blepharoplasty usually not affect to the eyelid not close completely if done with optimal technique. But immediately after surgery in some patients , the eyelid closure may be affected by the swelling and reduce in muscle tone. This will gradually get better with recovery period.

Q : Which i have to do first between Rhinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery ?

A :  Mainly, we suggested to do Eyelid surgery first but,not specific, it’s depends on individual.

Q :  Why do we use special non-absorbable suture instead of absorbable suture ? 

A :  An absorbable suture is better for eyelid surgery wound healing which takes around 7 days till remove the suture. It make more smooth healing than absorbable sutures

Q :  I am easily to have keloids. which type of eyelid surgery suit me, Blepharoplasty or non- incision eyes correction ?

A :  Some people are genetically prone to keloids formation, if they do non-incision with buried sutured under the skin , the body reaction to the foreign body is much more than normal , this will result in fibrosis formation with lump under the eyelid skin.   Lovely Eye Clinic incisional method does not leave any suture under the skin , less reaction ,less fibrosis. And the eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in the body and therefore much more resistance to keloid formation. However if any hypertrophic scar occur, we have innovative treatment to promote the wound healing.