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About Lovely Eye Clinic by Dr.Roungkaw

Q :  Where is the Lovely eye clinic located ?

A :  Lovely Eye Clinic located on Park Lane,Sukhumvit 63. for more information please check the contact page.

Q :  How much does the eyelid surgery cost at Lovely Eye Clinic with Dr. Roungkaw ? 

A :  The price for eyelid surgery are different depends on    type of eyelid surgery and how complicated. we suggested you to consultation with surgeon first by walk-in or online contacts. if you want to know exact price which kind of eyelid surgery please check the Price& Promotion page.

Q :  How to get to know about the Promotion at Lovely Eye Clinic ? 

A :  At Lovely Eye Clinic we have many package and Promotion. You can subscribe all the promotion on Price & promotion page.

Q :  Why the Eyelid surgery price classified by ages ?

A :  Because we do different technique for different ages, for example, an Extra Blepharoplasty addition wrinkle skin removal for more youthful.

Q :  Why the prices for Eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye Clinic a little bit expensive compared with others ?

A :  All eyelid surgery is done by Specialist Eyelid Surgeon . Especially the technique  is so unique, combine art & eyelid surgery to treat every patients eyes naturally beautiful . Guarantee with more than four thousands patients trust and large number of real case before&after photos. Our doctors always take times with each eyes in every processing and use only the best medical appliances.

Q :  Does Lovely Eye Clinic have a non-incision blepharoplasty ?

A :  At Lovely Eye Clinic, we do have many types of eyelid surgery included a non-incision blepharoplasty. which type of eyelid surgery depends on the individual patient problem .

Q :  How surgeon create the eyelid crease liner in during surgical procedure ?

A :  the Surgeon will marks the liner pen on your eyelid area which to be remove off to reshapes your eyes with our special technique case by case.