About the post-operative care.

Q :  Are there any affected after cosmetic eyelid surgery ?

A :  Dry eyes probably happens in patients who use the eyes a lot. May have a blurry eyes or tears but can be relief with eyes drop and let your eyes rest.

Q :  How do i post-op care myself ? 

A :  Your eyelid might bruising at first 3 days after surgery,  But you can do your daily routine as usual. Avoid your wound from water. You can put makeup after remov sutures. More information about post-operative care will be inform on your arrival.

Q :  How long does it take to recover from eyelid surgery ? 

A :   Eyelid surgery is just a minor operation , so no need to have a leave but just avoid any exert activities, rest your eyes with cold compression 3 days after surgery for fast recover. After remove suture off you will see good eyelid appearance . 1 month after surgery your eyes will look more beautiful  and finally  takes 3-6 months for the  natural result, depends on your skin responded.

Q : Can i wear contact lenses after eyelid surgery ? 

A :  Patients are allowed to wear contact lenses about 3 weeks after your eyelid surgery. To make sure that the  natural crease formation is properly healed. Contact lens can affect on the crease healing

Q :  Does my raised eyebrow behavior would be effect with my eyelid surgery ?

A :  Does behavior will be effected with patient’s eyelid crease after surgery, because the frontal muscle overreaction can make the crease loosening , unequal appearance and extra-crease apperance

Q :  Why do some patients have an extended wound ? 

A :  Because some patients have a redundant skin that makes your upper lids droopy. The surgeon will remove that part of skin to modify the contour and configuration of the eyelid in order to restore a more youthful appearance and the wound will fade down after 3-6 months.