General questions from people who interested in the eyelid surgery.

Q :  How to prepare yourself before surgery your eyelid in Lovely Eye Clinic ?

A :  We suggested you to send currently photo of your face without makeup and contactlens to :

E-mail :

Line ID : @lovelyeye

Telephone : +66-2-3820045 , +66-80-1204414 , +66-95-5066560 .

Q :  Who worth for an eyelid surgery ? 

A :  There are many kind of eyelid surgery for different kind of patient’s eyes, Some worth for cosmetic eyelid surgery either some worth for therapeutic eyelid surgery.

Q :  Can i choose the model eyes i liked to surgery ? 

A :  You can choose your dream eyes model to guides  surgeon what you liked, to discuss to find the best eyelid surgery for yourself. 

Q :  Does eyelid surgery worth for senior ?

A :  Most of our senior patients used to do the eyelid surgery for therapeutic and revision. our oldest patient were more than 70 years old. in case we suggested you to consultation with surgeon.

Q :  When i can  start to do Eyelid surgery ?

A :  We are allowed patient above 16 years old.

Q :  Eyelid surgery recovery / Activity Restrictions

A :  After operated your eyelid,your eyes may feel tight and swelling, but it will fade with time. You can live as usual just avoid any exert activities. After 7-12 days of sutures removal, you will see the better result. It can take up to 3-6 months for healing to fully resolves, depends on patient’s skin. 

Q : How many days do i have to leave work ? 

A :  After you have done eyelid surgery. The suture equal to the size of a hair and will be on your eyelid crease, means it do not show much, and If you staying/ working in place you can do usual, but if you wants to conceal the wound you can wear the glasses.

Q :  Why do i need to avoid some medicine / supplementary food 2 weeks before surgery ?

A :  Because some kind of medicine / supplementary food for example: Aspirin, Fish oil, Vitamin-E mostly affects to blood coagulation system during intra operative surgery. Therefore, your eyelid may extra bruising or bleeding after surgery. That is why we recommend you to avoid it.

Q :  Can i do eyelid surgery while pregnant ?

A :  We suggested you not to operation while pregnant.

Q : Can i do eyelid surgery on breastfeeding period ?

A :  You can do breastfeeding as usual, the surgeon will give you only medicine that will not affects with your child.