fbpx Dr. Nutthamanee Siripakkaphant (Dr. Roungkaw)

Dr. Nutthamanee Siripakkaphant (Dr. Roungkaw)


        Eyelid surgery necessitates exquisiteness and delicacy. The beauty of the eyes is determined by the excellent composition of the face, which is unique to each individual. Everyone has their own beauty, whether it's western, Korean, or Thai. When the patient comes in for a consultation and makes any decision, "I need to take care of everyone exclusively because I want to deliver the patient's happiness back after surgery."

         With over 30,000 procedures at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, Dr. Roungkaw is the person behind those beautiful pairs of eyes. She is an ophthalmologist who specializes in cosmetic surgery around the eyes and the one who awakens the trend of epicanthoplasty in Thailand. The intention is for Thai people to have beautiful eyes. As a result, with over 12 years of experience in the eye surgery industry, she has invented and developed her various techniques known as "Dr. Roungkaw's techniques" by utilizing her expertise in solving different types of patient problems. These exceptional techniques were developed from real-life patient cases in Korea and passed down through the generations. These specialized techniques can treat eyelid problems and any other eye-related issues.

         Aside from these specialized techniques, there are innovations such as the New Lovely Microlaser, the most recent technology and only available at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. This remarkable laser offers exceptional surgical precision. Surgeons can precisely define the surgical area, particularly in small areas such as the skin of the eyelids. It reduces blood loss during surgery and causes minimal bleeding. It also helps to reduce swelling, bruising, and inflammation. This microlaser also reduces recovery time. As a result, it leaves microscopic surgical wounds, reveals well-defined eyelid creases, and wastes no time for wound recovery.

    Another innovation applied in surgical procedures is “DE ROUNG”, the double eyelid surgical sutures. "DE ROUNG" is a brand name for double eyelid surgical sutures manufactured by Germany's leading surgical suture company. It's available exclusively at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. There are many outstanding characteristics of this suture. It is relatively tiny, making it ideal for small-space operations such as the skin around the eyes. In addition, it is made from synthetic materials that are safe for the body. Moreover, it is very soft and non-irritating to the eyelid skin. What’s more, it's strong and durable (holds securely when knotted), making the surgeons' work easier and faster when suturing. Additionally, it enhances wound closure and healing, bringing about a smooth wound. This special suture has a slippery texture, reducing bacterial adhesion, inflammation, and antibiotic consumption after surgery. The sutures are transparent white (no color). It aids in the concealment of sutures so as not to be noticeable. You don't have to worry about the surgical knots getting stuck in your eyelids. Since the suture is self-absorbable, it can dissolve completely even if the suture is not removed.

         Nowadays, Dr. Roungkaw is also the creator and developer of "Lovely Specialist," a team of highly qualified surgeons who are expert, detail-oriented, attentive, and artistic. They are trained to the same standard as Dr. Roungkaw. In addition, Dr. Roungkaw is also an appraiser and closely supervises the surgery results of "Lovely Specialist" to effectively achieve perfect eyes for all patients. Consequently, Dr. Roungkaw gains credibility and trustworthiness from Thais and foreigners for doing eyelid surgery continuously. Furthermore, she is a creator of the "Lovely Surgical Instrument Sterile Unit," which is the clean zone used for cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment and surgical supplies for the safety of patients.

Education and Professional Background

  • 2006:                          Graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Medicine. Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  • 2006-2007:                 Internship, Maharaj Hospital, Chiangmai University
  • 2007:                          received a medical license.
  • 2008-2011:                 Ophthalmology resident, Department of Ophthalmology, Maharaj Hospital, Chiang Mai University
  • 2010:                          Began to do operation to correct eyelid problems and did more study for cosmetic eyelid surgery techniques
  • 2012:                          Received a Certificate in General Ophthalmology, Chiangmai University, Thailand
  • 2012:                          Received a Certificate from Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery: Blepharoplasty hands-on course, KBS Busan, Korea
  • 2013:                          Participated in a seminar: Epicanthoplasty workshop, Korea
  • 2012-2015:                 Studied eyelid surgery techniques in more complicated cases in Korea for 4 consecutive years.
  • 2012-2013:                 Ophthalmologist, eye surgeon, Chiangmai Ram Hospital
  • 2013-2014:                 Ophthalmologist, eye surgeon, Sukhumvit Hospital Bangkok
  • 2014-present:            Ophthalmologist, Eye surgeon, Eyelid Surgery Master, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic
  • 2010-2023:                 There are 30,000++ cumulative cases of eyelid surgery.