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Rie, a Japanese girl, opted to undergo blepharoplasty revision owing to Dr. Roungkaw's credibility and trustworthiness.

                   “Hello, my name is Rie Hayakawa and I am from Japan. I used to have double eyelids, but they became droopy and unattractive over time. As a result, I decided to perform a double eyelid revision to address my eye problems. Natural-looking, awake, and bright eyes are the characteristics of ideal eyes for double eyelid surgery among the majority of Japanese. However, many Japanese people nowadays suffer from unsatisfied problems such as droopy eyelids and eye muscle weakness caused by Ptosis. This is why I decided to combine double eyelid surgery with eye muscle weakness treatment. As a result, I paid close attention while searching for a specific area of related information”.

                   “Dr. Roungkaw is well-known. I've known her for quite some time. When searching for eye surgery-related information on any search engine, Dr. Roungkaw will frequently be ranked as one of the most famous ophthalmic surgeons. She has also appeared on numerous television programs. Her surgical cases produce satisfactory results, enhancing all problems. Furthermore, I conducted research and discovered that Dr. Roungkaw has been an ophthalmologist specializing in double eyelid surgery for over ten years. Aside from her many years of experience, she has a large number of client reviews. Clients of doctors are of all ages and have a wide range of problems. Her surgery results are very satisfying among clients; the eyelid creases are well-defined: advanced surgical technology was used in the surgery, resulting in excellent surgical outcomes. That's why I decided to perform the surgery with her”.

ทำตามาแล้ว แต่ยังต้องพยายามเบิ่งตาเวลาต้องการอ่านหรือจ้องมอง

                   “When I read the book during the postoperative period of the previous clinic, I realized that the eye problems had occurred. To see better, I had to raise my brow and widen my eyes. My eyes' physical appearance also has many problems with disproportionate appearances. For example, uneven and uncurved eyelid creases, multiple unattractive creases that do not clearly fold, and the descent of excess eyelid skin that obstructs vision. All of these difficulties make makeup application more difficult for me and result in unsatisfactory results, particularly when applying eyeliners. As a result, I decided to see Dr. Roungkaw. The clinic staff gave me a warm welcome, making me feel more comfortable and less anxious about the surgery”.

ปัญหาก่อนทำ เคยทำตาสองชั้น แต่ชั้นตาหลุดและคลายออก

“Prior to Dr. Roungkaw's surgery, the problems were the folds or creases loosening and disappearing, which led to multiple eyelid creases. In addition, there are still many problems. Examples include excess eyelid skin that obstructs vision, uneven eyelid creases, a dull appearance, and an excess skin covering at the inner corner of the eyes that makes the eyes appear smaller laterally”.

                   “Dr. Roungkaw was very kind to me. She explained the need-to-be-fixed problems clearly, such as the problem of the first blepharoplasty, or the basic problem that was not fixed yet. In addition, she also attentively gives the instructions related to blepharoplasty revision, expected results, and eye care after surgery. According to Dr. Roungkaw’s instruction associated to my eye’s problems, they can be categorized as the followings:

1. The falling off or loosening of the eyelid creases in the postoperative period

                   Dr. Roungkaw said that those with excess fat or excess eyelid skin (without no removal of them when doing the previous blepharoplasty) may cause the falling off or loosening of the eyelid creases as time goes by. The cases have always occurred. To solve the problem, the doctor needs to remove excess fat or excess saggy eyelid skin, resulting in descending to the eyes and affecting vision. Further

2. Excess skin covers the inner corner of the eyes, resulting in "various degrees of Mongolian fold." It gives your eyes an asymmetrical look, making them seem smaller laterally and less almond-shaped.

                   Asians have eyes that are smaller laterally and less almond-shaped than those of Westerners. These factors result in smaller eye shapes. The primary problem is extra skin on the inner corner. The doctor suggests that these patients have epicanthoplasty in conjunction with blepharoplasty revision to save time in the postoperative recovery phase, resulting in more effective outcomes that are more appealing, larger, and more beautiful.

3. Raising the eyebrow habitually, leading to drooping eyelids and uneven eyes

                   Previously, patients would routinely or often elevate their eyebrows, causing their eyelids to droop and impairing their eyesight. To see more clearly, they must forcibly open their eyes wider. As a consequence of this unusually frequent behavior, the shape of the eyes may become uneven. The doctor recommends that these patients have “Botox injections” after blepharoplasty. It helps minimize muscle movement in the forehead and eyebrows so that the doctor-designed eyelid creases are in place. As a result of post-operative surgery, the eyelid creases on both sides are developed evenly and seem more appealing.

หลังแก้ตาสองชั้น+เปิดหัวตา 1 เดือนครึ่ง

Upper Blepharoplasty Revision+ Expert Epicanthoplasty (1 month and a half)

                   “In eyelid revision, it takes longer for the eyelids to heal than in typical double eyelid surgery, which may take between three and six months. Patients typically need a cold compress during the initial postoperative phase, and clinical caregivers' recommendations should be taken into consideration. By following these instructions, the wound will be more attractive and will heal rapidly“.

หลังแก้ตาสองชั้น+เปิดหัวตา 3 เดือน แผลดูเนียน

Upper Blepharoplasty Revision+ Expert Epicanthoplasty (3 months)

                   “It had been three months since the operation. The incision seems to be smooth, and the eyelids are becoming more in place. The doctor performed flawless wound suturing and made a very smooth wound. Changing the eye's shape makes the eye seem bigger and more appealing. I am quite happy with the outcome of this eyelid surgery“.

หลังแก้ตาสองชั้น+เปิดหัวตา 1 ปี ชั้นตาสวย คมชัด ธรรมชาติ

Upper Blepharoplasty Revision+ Expert Epicanthoplasty (1 year)

                   “Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic provides attractive, natural, and well-defined eyelid creases since it is created by a doctor who specializes in double eyelid surgery and places a high priority on patient safety. This makes it an excellent solution for those who wish to correct eye issues. Please check out our review photos first. The doctor has various types of cases”.