Thank You VIP activities to a customer of Lovely Eye & Skin Cli

Because of always receiving good support from customers, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has traveled to this day that Lovely Eye Clinic evolved into Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. Likewise, this is a clinic for the beauty around the eyes and skin, which opened under the concept of creating a new style of beauty with cosmetic surgery around the eyes, adjust the facial shape, and skincare led by Dr.Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant or Dr.Roungkaw is an ophthalmologist beauty around the eyes and skin, and a team of medical specialists. The clinic has organized Thank You VIP activities. These activities to thank you to the lovely customers of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, for those customers who missed this event next time, don't forget to join in the fun. Today, we collected pictures of the lovely and warm atmosphere along with a short interview to pass on the impression that customers have with Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic.



Khun Thip​


Impression with Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic

             For myself, I have done many skins treatment at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. I impressed with Dr. Roungkaw Clinic and can be said that everything is impressive, especially the services that the staff provide special care, and also have facials courses, including many eye treatment courses to choose from.

The feeling of joining Thank You VIP activity

             Today, joining the activity was very happy that the clinic gives me VIP status. I have a plan to continue the skin course and still have plans to buy more courses with the clinic. What's more, I have a queue to make double eyelids with Dr.Roungkaw as well.

Message to Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic.             

            If anyone is interested in doing the facial course or skin course, I want to tell you that the service here is very good. Similarly, if anyone is interested in making double eyelids, you can contact Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic straight away.


Khun Nat​


Impression with Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic

             I used to make double eyelids and do the laser at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic for 1-2 years. Previously, my eyes were not equal, but after making the eyes are even and sweeter. For those around me, if I didn't say it, they didn't know that I made eyes because the eyes become sweeter, natural and almost could not see the wound at all.

The feeling of joining Thank You VIP activity

             Today, I feel good to join activities with Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, and If they have a good activity like this, I will join it again.


Khun Tik


Impression with Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic

I have heard the name of Dr. Roungkaw for a long time. Therefore I decided to book a double eye queue and got into it already. I felt like it because the results were what I had intended. At first, I little excited because never done before, but the doctor handles gently so I feel relaxed once done. What's more, my friends saw my eyes and felt like, I recommend two friends to make double eyelid at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic together. After doing both, they are very happy.

The feeling of joining Thank You VIP activity

I impressed by the service because the staff are lovely and take good care. The staff has follow-up after made the double eyelid has been completed by calling to inquire about the symptoms and not abandoning me.