Double eyelid surgery in Mens


Double eyelid It is considered a surgery that most popular. When it done, the change can be seen immediately. It helps your eyes look bright, younger and make you look noticeably better. Not only women be making double eyelid surgery, but men can increase charm or fix they eye problems with eye surgery as well. Because fundamentally the base eyes of men and women are difference. For this reasons, Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic have double eyelid surgery techniques combined with best innovation to solve all of eyes problem in every gender and we can design the eye layer to suit for each person.

Most of the double eyelid problems in men


1. Eyelid drop. Make you look older.

2. There is a lot of fat in the eyelids. Making the eyes look small, not charming

3. The eyelid falls down, closing parts of the black eye. Causing vision problems

4. Did not see the eyes layer clearly. Looks like it  hide in, sometimes see only one half of the eyes layer.

5. Have eye muscles weakness. Causing the eyes drowsy and no magnificence.

Double eyelid surgery in Mens vs Womens


The result may vary depending on each person.

1. Female face structure will be significantly sweeter than males, especially blunt tail of the male eyebrows will be able to observe the bone hill more clearly than women

2. When compared volume of eyelid fat. Most men had more volume of eyelid fat than women

3. The distance between the eyebrows and the eyes of men is less than the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes of women.

4. Women admire to make double eyelids surgery thicker eye layer than men.

5. Men admire to make double eyelid surgery naturally, because most of men not make up or make up much like women.

6. Men admire to make double eyelid surgery like naturally, because most of men did not make-up or make-up but not much.

7. Men with small eyes and want to make it look bigger. They popular to adjust the eye muscles to make them eyes look bigger combined with double eyelid surgery.


Ideal eyes ratio of male

ทำตาสองชั้นสไตล์ผู้ชาย ภาพประกอบ.png

  • The distance of head should be equal to the width of the nostrils.
  • The proportion of the length of right eyes, The distance between inner canthus of both eyes and the length of left eyes must be 1: 1: 1
  • When drawing from the tail eyebrows, outer canthus and wing of the nose must be a straight line.
  • The outer canthus of the eyes should be slightly raised. At an angle about 5 degrees from the eyes.

Introducing of make double eyelid techniques for men.

1. Making double eyelid surgery and Decorated the excess eyelid with eye stitching naturally

    (Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature)


The result may vary depending on each person.

This technique suitable for men, who have  fat eyelid or eyelid more than enough. They can use double eyelid techniques to decorate the excess eyelid be naturally by Microlaser. This equipment can help to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery, less of bleeding, Invented by Dr.Roungkaw. Addition to, this techniques is eyelid stitching that mimics the natural eyelid.Therefore suitable for most men.

2. Making double eyelid surgery with No Stitch (Lovely Blepharoplasty No stitch)



The result may vary depending on each person.

This techniques suitable for men, who have less of eyelid. They can use this technique with open the wounds only 2 mm. without silk cutting, So it very convenient way to recover quickly that suitable for most men, those didn’t make-up like women. 


3. Making double eyelid surgery with pull up a levator muscle (Lovely Blepharoplasty)


The result may vary depending on each person.

This techniques suitable for men, who have sign of levator muscle weakness and drowse eyes. They can use this techniques to adjust eyes muscle for solve the muscle weakness of the eyes. We adjust level of muscle be stronger, eyes look bigger and more charming than previously.


4.Making double eyelid surgery by lift tail eyebrows 


The result may vary depending on each person.

Suitable for men with single eye layer and excessive eyelids, or with excessive eyelids and fat that fall overlap double eyelid or drop eyelids. To be lifted to suit the age and face. Therefore helps to solve the problem of drooping eyes as well.     

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