Double Eyelid Surgery For More Than 10,000 Beautiful Eyes

Double Eyelid Surgery Technique For More Than 10,000 Beautiful Eyes

Eye surgery and double eyelid surgery are highly needed specialized and delicate operation. There are many techniques depending on personal eye factors and importantly the surgeon's experiences. Today, let's get to know how beautiful eyes are and how to make your eyes more attractive.  
The Definition of Beautiful Eyes

Everyone has his own definition of beautiful eyes depending on trend and personal tastes. For example, some people prefer western eyes while some like Korean eyes. Dr. Roungkaw has defined the beautiful eyes as following:

The shape of the eyes must be balanced with the face including the shape of iris and eyelids. The eyes resemble an almond are considered as an ideal eye which symmetrical with slightly upswept outer corners. Also, both sides are balanced shape and folds. The eyelids should cover iris about 1 mm. and the iris must be in the middle of the eyes. The eye folds are fit for the eyes and face. The folds from double eyelid surgery must not be too deep or shallow. When closing eyes, the folds should not be seen. The eyelids are smooth and bright. If they are not, it may be caused by the allergy, often rubbing, and allergic to make up. The white of an eye must be clean and not red, or yellow which are occurred by eye using, too much sunshine and wind facing. The eyes are the window of the souls. They can tell how you feel. If you have beautiful eyes, so does your life. 

The Eye Surgery Technique by Dr. Roungkaw  

Eye surgery is highly needed specialized and delicate operation because an eye area is very sensitive. Dr. Roungkaw has viewed that an eye surgery is a combination between medical and art technique to create the most perfect eyes. Importantly, she is highly taking care of her patients and design eyes which are suitable for their face. That makes every case from Lovely Eye Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw unique. This is guaranteed by many beautiful review cases.

Various Techniques and Designs of an Eye Surgery and Double Eyelid Surgery 

Double Eyelid Surgery called Lovely Blepharoplasty by Dr. Roungkaw for more than 10000 cases

Since most Thai people's eyelids have too much fat and excess skin, so they have decided to be done double eyelid surgery. The procedures start from evaluating problems. If a patient has extended skin, it should be removed which can make clearer eye folds. After that, it's eye creased drawing process. The doctor will design the shape of the eyes which are fit for the face. Next is anesthesia injection to reduce pain during an operation. Here we use Microlaser to remove extended skin which is high technology reducing bleeding during an operation. After that, the doctor uses Microsurgery in order to remove excess fat. For stitching an eye fold, this process is needed balancing and dynamic movement to make natural eye folds.

Which technique makes double eyelid surgery in Korean style is so popular?

The popular technique in Korea is inner corners enlargement which can obviously enlarge your eyes and lateral canthoplasty which makes your eyes longer. These techniques are needed delicate operation. Dr. Roungkaw has brought these special techniques to Thailand which are suitable for most Thai people 's problems. Moreover, double eyelid surgery with stitches is popular in Korean because it lasts permanently and gives the better result than suture method. Most Thai people often think that the suture method is a new technique but it's widespread operation for a long time. However, it's not suitable for everyone. 

Expert Epicanthoplasty Technique only at Lovely Eye Clinic  

After studying inner corners open in different ways, dr. Roungkaw has experienced and studied this special technique called Expert Epicanthoplasty. This receives very good feedbacks in Thailand and is highly popular nowadays. It takes Microlaser for inner corners enlargement which the lesion is hardly be seen. The result is obviously seen after an operation. You will get larger, brighter and sweeter eyes which its shape looks like almond, the ideal eyes. Also, it can heal practically the squint eyes with Psedoesotropia. Expert Epicanthoplasty at the clinic is a special technique that can prevent keloids and also the scar is hardly be seen. However, the smoothness of the lesions depends on personal factors. Importantly, Expert Epicanthoplasty is not related to tear drainage canals because it is just epicanthal folds operation. 

Double Eyelid Surgery for those who have small eye folds 

For those who have small eye folds and want to do double eyelid surgery must depend on the doctor 's evaluation to remove excess skin. Some cases are suitable for suture method but some are no need to remove eyelids. Dr. Roungkaw, the eye specialized surgeon at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic, will evaluate problems and decide which technique is the most suitable for the patients in order to get the best result. 

An Eye Surgery For those who have dropped eyelids 

Dropped eyelids are occurred from excess skin and fat covering eyes. The doctor will remove these parts and create new eye folds which are symmetrical with a patient's face. After an operation, you will have new beautiful eye creases and don't have to worry about excess skin covering your eyes anymore.