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Double eyelid surgery by pulled up of levator eye muscle with Lovely Eye techniques

For people, who have problems of drowse eye everytimes. Don’t worry because Dr.Roungkaw at Lovely Eye and skin has a lot of technique to solve hit your direct point problem. It called “Double eyelid surgery by pulled up of levator eye muscle at Lovely Eye techniques”

Today we have to description easily about making double eyelid by pulled up of levator eye muscle with Lovely Eye technique.

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What is the double eyelid by pulling the levator eye muscle?

Double eyelid by pulling the levator eye muscle is a type of double eyelid technique at Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic. Dr.Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant or Dr.Roungkaw is an ophthalmologist who has double eyelid surgery experience, beauty, and skin beauty of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic have developed a treatment for weak eye muscles to be applied to double eyelid for beauty. This technique requires a lot of experience and meticulousness in the eye muscle surgery of doctors to solve problems for people with eye muscle weakness that cause the eyes to become drowse, and it seems like people are always sleepy, returning to normal at the right place. Similarly, the pulling of the levator eye muscles can be done in combination with double eyelid surgery to fix eye muscle weakness, make the eyes look rounder, and bright effectively.

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How is the eye ptosis?

Eye muscle weakness (Eye Ptosis) is the eyelid falls more than usual. In normally, the upper eyelid may close the orbit of the black eye slightly by 1-2 mm. In the case of eye muscle weakness or not fully able to exert that force the upper eyelid will close the orbit of the black eye more than 1-2 millimeters. It causes the eyes to look drowsy or sleepy due to the Levator Palpebrae Superioris muscle, which is responsible for supporting the eyelids does not work normally. Moreover, it results in making the eyelids sag by gravity until disturbing vision or may cause uneven eye problems or to have fatigue eyes when using eyes for a long time. It may have multiple layers of the eyes and can easily observe the eye muscle weakness because those with eye muscle weakness tend to raise their brows until the forehead is wrinkled, to light the eyes that are weak more open. Furthermore, people with eye muscle weakness with single eye problems, have double eyelids but slack eyelids, or unilateral eye muscles. They are able to use double eyelid technique with pulling the levator eye muscle to pull the eye muscles, and can adjust the level of the eye muscles to be equal.


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The benefit of the pulling levator eye muscle technique by Lovely Eye Technique

1. Able to solve problems deep down to the eye muscles.

2. Uneven eye correction and helps both eyes open as normal.

3. Do not have to raise eyebrows to help with opening eyes and prevents forehead wrinkles.

4. Normalize vision.

5. Big round eye and look brightness.

6. Surgery by an ophthalmologist, therefore, you can be confident in safety.

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Who is it suitable for?

1. People with drowse eyes and can't open the eye fully.

2. People with deep eye sockets in a small to medium level

3. People with uneven eyes

4. People who have to use the eyebrows to help raise the eyes frequently.


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Techniques that help the eye look rounder.

Not only people with eye ptosis can use the double eyelid by pulling levator eye muscle technique. But people without eye muscle problems can perform surgery with this technique by making double eyelids combined with the adjustment of the eye muscles to make the eyes look rounder and brightness.

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Fix the problem of drowse eyes or eye ptosis at the point. In which the doctor will analyze the problem, including the impact on the daily lives of clients before choosing this technique.

Aside from making the normal double eyelid, the client wants to see the eye line, which curves along with the eye beautifully. Likewise, in the case of eye ptosis, able to use double eyelid techniques along with the treatment of eye muscle weakness, which will have a more detailed procedure than the normal double eyelid with a deep down to the muscles to adjust the level of the eye muscles become stronger. This is a double eyelid technique that makes the eyes more beautiful and the problem is resolved directly to the point, and can reduce the percentage of eye correction or have to repeat the second round as well.

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Only blepharoplasty, not helping to solve the problem of eye muscle weakness

Making double eyelids alone is unable to respond to those with eye muscle weakness, drowse eyes, deep eye sockets, or uneven eyes because the result of the double eyelid is the crease of the eyelids around the eyelid. Although it is a pretty sharp line, it cannot solve the problem of eye muscle weakness. The double eyelid technique that pulls the levator eye muscles of The Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic can solve the problem at the most points. Similarly, for those who have drowse eyes or looks sleepy all the time after doing surgery, the eyes will be brightness and look rounder. What's more, the eyes are equally beautiful on both sides and do not come back repeatedly.


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