fbpx Taking care of yourself after double eyelid surgery

Taking care of yourself after double eyelid surgery by Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic


                 In the double eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye & Skin clinic, there will be staff provided and entirely advice information. In order to obtain our customers trusting without anxiety of pre and post-operation along to the silk cutting process and the results consecutively followed-up. Let’s see about the methods of pre and post-operative that all of customer will obtain from our staffs.

1. Recovery Phase

                   The staff will provide information about times that take to recovery after double eyelid surgery. The clients able to planned for surgical properly because the surgery in each type used difference recovery time, some types of surgery may take a few days. But some types may take monthly to recuperate. The double eyelid surgery technique of Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic used the surgical innovation called New Lovely Microlaser. It can reduce swelling, bruising and less bleeding. Furthermore, we used other innovative able to help reduce swelling, bruising and help to fade a surgical wound away quickly. Resulting is obtaining beautifully and flatly surgical wound, recuperate faster and decrease anxiety about client’s surgical wounds as all, but all of it depended on physical condition in each person.

2. Consulting surgeons about medication

                   Before making double eyelid, you should inform the doctor about medication or supplements that are used regularly. Because of, some types of drugs affected recovery times and bleeding such as aspirin. The doctors will assess the safety of medication included advise when should stop taking medication and when you can be taking it again under safety.

3. Recovery Precautions

                   The doctor will advise you to adjust the activities schedule such as workout should done it gently, not use your body too heavy. For the result in smoothly recuperation and prevent surgical wounds swelling or bleeding. Otherwise this will take you a lot longer to recuperate.

4. Strictly follow the doctor’s instruction

                   The client should strictly follow the instructions after double eyelid surgery. To prevent swelling, bleeding and wounds healing faster without complication or infection. In addition to keep the recovery safe.


How to care of yourself after double eyelid surgery from the staff


  1. The client can reduce swelling with using cold pack regularly for 3 days after surgery
  2. Able to reduce eyelid swelling by sleeping on a high pillow and avoids side lying during first 2 days after surgery
  3. Decrease chance of wounds split, bruising and bleeding by avoids bending head down, sneezing or severe tenesmus. May use eye cover to prevent your hands hit the wound
  4. Using some beewax apply on wound with cotton swab. The wound will heal faster.
  5. Take medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
  6. If there is bleeding around the wound. Can use clean gauze cloth pressed until the blood stops.
  7. Be aware your wounds not to get touch water, sweats or oiliness before silk cutting.
  8. Supplements or Drugs that have been stopped before surgery, can start eating immediately after the surgery except proteins, collagen. You can eat after surgery 1 months or more.
  9. Avoid eating fermented foods, shrimp paste, pickled fish, eggs, seafood for 3 weeks after surgery. To prevent itchy and convex wound.
  10. Should wear glasses or sunglasses. To prevent dust in the initial after surgery.
  11. Reduce softens eye use in computer and mobile phone playback.
  12. Should start warm compress in 6th day after surgery in the morning and evening for 10 minutes each times for 1 weeks.


What kind of warning sign? Said you should go to the doctor before the appointment.


  1. It’s a lot of pain, even if you take the drug and don’t feel better.
  2. Abnormal surgical wounds such as wound not heal up, itchy, have lymph or pus
  3. Surgical wounds bleeding.
  4. The eyes are swollen and green, so bruised that it is unusual
  5. Tears flow more than usual.
  6. Have eye boogers.
  7. Feeling pain inside the eyes. Which may be caused by not blinking eyes, because feeling tight in the eyelid after surgery until there are foreign bodies in the eyes.