What happened to the skin when faced with PM2.5 dust


What is PM2.5

Dust that is smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter or only 1 in 25 of the diameter of human hair. This type of dust was caused by the combustion of large industrial plants, the manufacturing industry, and various chemicals, the combustion of fuel in cars, and electricity generation that can enter the respiratory tract, lungs, and bloodstream directly. Eventually, if you are receiving the dust in large quantities, you may be at risk for heart disease, atherosclerosis, emphysema, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, Alzheimer's, and may put pregnant women at risk of preterm delivery. Also, it can penetrate the skin until causing the skin to be irritated as well.



The dangers of PM2.5 dust to the skin

1. Dermatitis and Atopic dermatitis

- The results are immediately noticeable after the skin has exposed to dust PM2.5 is an allergic reaction and is a red rash. Besides, in the long run, dust penetrates the skin cells and damages the skin causing skin inflammation easily.

2. Wrinkled skin

- It destroys the skin structure, resulting in collagen under the skin deteriorating faster, causing the skin wrinkles, sagging, and make premature aging skin.

3. Melasma, Freckles and dark spots

- The dust stimulates the skin pigment to work more than usual until causing the melasma, freckles, and dark spots more easily than normal weather conditions.

4. Comedones

- The PM2.5 dust will oxidation reaction with the skin and oil that coated on the skin. As a result, the skin exfoliation process works worse, causing the skin cells to remain on the face until finally causing comedones.

Beautiful skin with skincare after exposure to PM2.5 dust

1. Choose a sunscreen that has skin protection properties from PM2.5 pollution.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables that add vitamins to the skin to be strong and have more immunity to pollution.

3. No smoking to prevent skin cells from lacking oxygen until the blood does not circulate, causing the skin to become dry and wrinkled.

4. Drink enough water to respond to the needs of the body and to add moisture to the skin


นิว jet peel 6054316377133.LINE.jpg

5. Wash your face thoroughly and deeply with O2 Jet peel innovation. Surface grinding using water pressure by using high-speed air pressure, which has a speed of 200 meters per second, delivered 99% pure oxygen with vitamins to the skin. Furthermore, it is a skin exfoliation technology that is developed to be most gentle on the skin. Instead, the most effective can get rid of dirt in dusty weather and pollution that clogs the pores deeply. Along with eliminating bacteria, reducing acne inflammation, eliminating the cause of acne, helps to stimulate blood flow and the creation of new skin cells.


6. Facial treatment with Mesoscience Skeyndor Mesotherapy without a needle. This is a technique for pushing nourishing vitamins into the skin without using needles, therefore, increasing security and no pain. Moreover, it helps stimulate skin cell renewal and circulatory system, vitamins and drugs can be efficiently absorbed into the cells, helps to tighten the skin face urgently. This technique is suitable for use in the recovery of the skin crisis in the dust PM 2.5 situation of Thailand.

 Picture Credit: ourhealthweb.com, greenpeace.org