Enhance the beauty of your eyes by the special technique

Enhance the beauty of your eyes by the special technique " Expert Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Extentional Canthoplasty " the interview sanook. com

          Have you ever heard that "eyes are the windows of souls " ? Of course, eyes are considered as girls ' charming. However, most problems about eyes are eye creases such as different eye folds, unclear eye folds, single eyelids, dropped eyes and other problems. Today, I have a chance to update eye trend with the ophthalmologist. Let's see how to make your eyes more beautiful and sweeter.

          And the ophthalmologist who clarifies our doubts today is dr. Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant or dr. Roungkaw, the specialized in eye surgery and also a president at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic Bangkok

           Dr. Roungkaw is a specialized ophthalmologist. According to the Korean surgery trend, she decided to study "epicanthoplasty and canthoplasty techniques " with the specialized ophthalmologist in epicanthoplasty at Busan, South Korea. Also, there are real cases for the operation during study.



          Dr. Roungkaw said that nowadays people are not only interested in nose job but also double eyelid surgery. However there is not just double eyelid surgery, there are another special techniques,that is, medial epicanthoplasty and lateral evtentional canthoplasty.

         " Expert epicanthoplasty and Lateral extentioanl canthoplasty " (Open head and tail of the eyes) are very popular techniques in Korea. The result is getting eyes enlarged and more beautiful including canthoplasty. It can make your eyes longer. Both are needed specialized in surgery.


           Generally, the eyes of Thai people have epicanthal folds. These parts of skin make eyes small and short. Sometimes they look like squint eyes. So epicanthoplasty is the best way to solve this problem. After epicanthoplasty, eyes are enlarged, sweeter, brighter, and more symmetrical. Moreover, the nose is more remarkable. 



This is my eyes with double-eyelid tape.   


Today I let the doctor evaluate my eye problems. She has suggested me double eyelid surgery with removing the excess skin and epicanthoplasty. These techniques are suitable for Thai people.



The doctor also said before deciding to do the surgery, do study all of information including the clinic history and doctors ' works.  You should not make a decision immediately because it may be failed.^^

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