fbpx Eyelid problems orientation by dr.roungkaw

Eyelid problems orientation

Get to know eyelid problems

Before we get to know about an eye surgery, we should know about eye problems in order to solve those problems correctly and get the best result. 

Different kinds of eye problems can be divided into 4 cases

1. Congenital Eyelid Problem

-Single eyelid is normally found among Asian people which have too much fat and excess eyelids. Also, there are epicanhal folds which make small and inactive eyes. Sometimes, it may look like squint eyes. 

- Congenital ptosis is mostly found on one side. 

2. Acquired Eyelid Problem

Dermatochalasis is often found in those who have double eyelids. These problems not only make you aged with dropped and inactive eyes but also are obstacles for vision.  To view clearer, you must lift your face up which causes the following problems such as wrinkles, headache, and ruin your personality. Lower Lid Bag And Wrinkle are the problem that when we get older. Acquired ptosis is caused by Oculomotor nerve palsy, Myasthenia Gravis, and physical deceased. Other factors are occurred by  Levator Aponeurosis causing many eye problems such as drowsy and inactive eyes. These problems are often found among who wear contact lens for a long time and who have an eye allergy. Other problem that make you aged is deep eye sockets

3. Eye Surgery Failure 

The eye surgery failure might occur from wrong method during an operation such as rough sewing, laser misusing, not removing extended eyelids which make the unwanted shape of an eye.  

Suture method is not permanent and always causes the different shape of an eye. 

Also, there are excess eyelids covering eye folds because they are not be removed.

Blepharoplasty by spot stitching might cause loops when closing eyes. The eye folds are too high and unnatural. Moreover, suture method may cause irritating. 

4. An eye problem is caused by accident which make your eyes misshaped. 

Everyone has different eyes depending on heredity and bone structure. Here are the problems which are normally found among Thai people 

-Single eyelids caused by the excess fat and the bulging skin. 

-Unclear eyelids which eye creases are unclear because of excess fat covering eyes

-Dropped eyelids occurring when getting older or having personal decease such as allergies and epicanthal folds making small and gloomy eyes. 

-Unsymmetrical eyes which one side is single eyelids and the other one is double. 

-Ptosis divided into 2 cases including congenital ptosis and subsequent ptosis occurring from wearing contact lenses for a long time. 

-Deep eye sockets occurring from shrivel fat and forehead elevating habits. 

-Dropped lateral eyes caused by the excess fat at the lateral area. 

-Narrow eye sockets caused by the structure of narrow eye bones. 

-Unsymmetrical eyebrows due to shrink forehead muscles because of ptosis symptom. To view clearer, you have to stretch your eyebrows. So it causes the different position of eyebrows.