READ!! If You don't want to be disappointed with Double Eyelid Surgery

DO READ NOW!! If You don't want to be disappointed with Double Eyelid Surgery



Nowadays, there are many techniques for double eyelid surgery especially suture method which is no need to take time for recovery and no swelling. You can have double eyelids in the blink of an eye. However, if you have done an eye surgery technique that is not suitable for you, there are certainly problems after an operation. 


For suture method such as 1-spot or 3-spots  and mini incision method, these techniques can provide you double eyelid but it's not permanent and there are still the excess skin. The other way is suture method using non-absorbable suture to cling eye folds. This technique might cause ptosis and irritating. Also, it's risky that the suture will be untied affected the eye folds. Eye revision surgery for those who have been done an eye surgery before is needed delicate and specialized operation because it's not only revision but also create new eye folds to solve previous problems in order to fulfill the patients' needs. Since new eyes make you more beautiful and also increase self-confidence after being disappointed from previous double eyelid surgery. 



Now for girls who have failed with double eyelid surgery need to revise by choosing the specialized surgeon to make your eyes beautiful again. If you're facing this problem, just consult with dr. Comepeerapon Siripakkaphant or dr. Roungkaw who is highly experienced with double eyelid surgery. She is an ophthalmologist and also a surgeon specialized in Korean eye surgery technique including understand girls ' problems. Dr. Roungkaw is trusted by many patients who want to revise eyes to be more beautiful and brighter again.


  "Double eyelid revision for suture method is needed incision to remove the excess skin and take the suture off which cause many problems and to create new eye folds. In order to get more beautiful eyes, epicanthoplasty and canthoplasty are recommended to enlarge eyes. Double eyelid surgery with removing the excess skin by using Microlaser and dr. Roungkaw's experience make you not to worry about the scar. Moreover, the new eye crease is more beautiful, natural and smoother giving permanent result because of removing the excess skin and fat. " said dr. Roungkaw. Here are the case study for giving information before deciding to do double eyelid surgery. 

Case study 1


This patient has the excess skin and done suture method not removing the excess skin. Before revising, the eye creases are not bending along eye shape and there are still the excess skin. After revising with removing the excess skin and taking the suture off, the eye folds are clearer along with eye shape and also smoother. 


Case study 2


 This case had done the suture method but the excess skin makes various eye folds. This looks unnatural. After revision by removing the excess skin and suture, she gets new eye folds with double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty. New eyes are enlarged and more beautiful.


Case study 3


This case had done the suture method but she was disappointed with the result. It's not only unsymmetrical eye creases but also the suture irritated eye muscles caused the ptosis. After revision by removing the excess skin and the suture including ptosis correction and Expert Epicanthoplasty, the result makes eye folds more even and eyes are brighter.



Here are the comparison of eye closing pictures between double eyelid surgery with suture not removing the excess skin and double eyelid surgery with removing the excess skin. Obviously, the first method is usually seen the holes and uneven creases. While the second is smoother and the excess eyelids are not found. 

As you can see, girls are addicted to surgery but don't have much information before deciding to go under the knife especially choose the wrong technique without studying, many problems are certainly occurred after an operation. This wrong decision not only ruins your beauty but also wastes of time and money for revision. In some cases, it's even more difficult to revise because of serious problems. 

Therefore, girls who want to have beautiful eyes should carefully study about surgery. Importantly, you must consider and choose the reliable clinic and specialized surgeons not just cheap price and easy technique that is no need to recovery because the safety and good result are priority.

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